Trying Out Tinder

I just downloaded Tinder and am ready to get swiping.

Tinder reminds me of a Facebook page in which you can only be friends with the opposite sex… And literally everyone on there is flirting with you, but that’s totally “normal.” I almost feel like I am on The Bachelorette because of how many guys I am talking to on here at once.

Well, it’s only day one and I’ve already had my first major faux pas. Go figure!

My first flub was when I saw the “moments” tab at the top of the page and began swiping through them to see what was going on. I didn’t realize that by swiping them away (To the right, of course) I had accidentally “liked” all of those pictures. I swiped especially fast when I saw a gross crotch shot of a guy in his underwear (We’ll leave what this looked like up to your imagination)… To this day I’m not sure which guy had posted it, and if he is still lurking somewhere in my matches.

Anyway, I proceeded to get several messages from guys talking about the moments that I had liked. To make matters worse, I asked all of them if they were referring to the underwear shot, and they all acted super-confused. I just did not appreciate that picture and wasn’t interested in chatting about it further with the creep!

Needless to say, every single guy seemed slightly offended that I thought they would post a photo of themselves in their underwear; however most of them still chatted with me afterwards.

Today’s lesson: The men on Tinder are very forgiving, and you should get into a habit of swiping pictures to the left. It’s safer that way.

Oh, Hey There!

I wanted to start my blog with a quick introduction.

I am a 24 year old girl, and live right outside Washington DC.

I recently got out of a loooong relationship (Well, long for being in my twenties; we dated for almost 5 years) and am finally over it and ready to start dating again. Here’s the thing, though. I haven’t been in the dating game for quite awhile, so things like Tinder and OKCupid are completely foreign to me, and I’ve never had the opportunity to flirt with guys when I go out. I was a really loyal girlfriend, which is great, but now I think it will be hilariously fun to try my hand at the dating game.

A little about me: I’m super-goofy, down to earth, and honest when it’s not going to hurt someone’s feelings. I’m too nice, which guys often interpret as me flirting with them (The struggle is real, right girls?!) and I’m pretty sure I’ll be awful at telling guys I’m not into them.

I have a snarky and sarcastic sense of humor, love pranks, and thrive in awkward situations. Seriously, I don’t get embarrassed easily, and think it’s funny to create awkward situations to see how people react.

I am excited to go on this journey with y’all, and hope you enjoy reading along!

Now let’s find out what it’s like being #SingleInTheSuburbs.