Victoria’s Secret Ain’t A Secret No More

Well, this tops out at the most embarrassing moment of my life. Alongside falling down an entire flight of stairs in front of the football team in high school, but let’s be real, almost anything embarrasses a high school girl.

I went on a very casual coffee date last week, and was excited to wear jeans and a new flannel shirt I got. I felt pretty darn cute as I was leaving the house, but was running late, so didn’t get a chance to glance in the mirror before I finally left.

Now I have a habit of staying in comfy clothes when I’m lounging at home, and typically do my hair and makeup first, then just throw on whatever outfit I’m going to wear.

As I was saying, this particular day I had to rush, so I grabbed the earrings I wanted to wear to put on in the car, and hurried out the door.

I rushed through the rain into the coffee shop and took off my coat. My date looked a bit surprised to see me, and I immediately felt a little self-conscious, but brushed it off and thought he might just be kind of nervous. The uncomfortable feeling kept coming back, though, because he kept glancing down instead of looking at my face if you catch my drift. Which I thought was funny, because there isn’t much to offer when you are wearing a flannel shirt (Or so I thought…).

Guys, I forgot to button most of my shirt. I think I missed like, four buttons at the top. I was wearing a very pretty pink lacy bra, too, which just made the situation even more uncomfortable.

I’m normally pretty good with dealing with situations like that, so when I got back from the restroom I was just like, “Um. I had no idea my shirt was like that, just FYI. This is really awkward and embarrassing because I feel like I probably gave off a hilariously wrong first impression.” I giggled awkwardly, as he chuckled and I’m sure was thinking about what a goof I was.

He said something along the lines of, “I was a bit confused when you first walked in, but I didn’t want to be rude and offend you.”

Men of the Internet — If you go out with a girl and she looks like she is having a major wardrobe malfunction, please SAY SOMETHING! Or better yet, females of the Internet — if you see a girl in my position please tell her she looks ridiculous! Nobody would do something like that on purpose. Life isn’t a Victoria’s Secret catalog.


Today’s lesson: always look in a full length mirror right before meeting up with a date.

What is your worst wardrobe malfunction? I think most of us have been here at some point, as I’ve heard stories from as little as needing to examine a zipper to horrifically tucking a skirt into underwear.

Just Another Day In Paradise

Those of you who know me likely know all about my experience with America’s Next Top Model. I’ll give a brief summary for my new followers who don’t know about it.

Basically, I tried out for ANTM several years back, and ended up making it pretty far. Far enough to make top 25, but not enough to make it on the actual show. Anyway, I got to go to New York and meet with some of the casting directors there and made a few friends along the way. This has opened some interesting doors for me to go to exclusive events I otherwise might not even know about. I will save some of those stories for another day, though.

I recently got an email from someone withย ANTM which informed me that the stars from Bachelor in Paradise would be coming to the DC area on Friday and Saturday. They were fundraiser events for Lymphoma, so I decided I might as well go check it out one day.

The night ended up being super fun! I wore a crazy sparkly dress, which is always a huge plus in my book, and took my mom as my date — protip: moms always make amazing dates.

My beautiful date. ๐Ÿ™‚

This particular night ended up being a great adventure.

I was on a special VIP list, so when I arrived and checked in the coordinator took us to the front of the line to get a photo with the whole cast, then we were escorted to a little private booth near the red carpet. We watched other guests filter in and enjoyed drinks while waiting for the photo op to finish.

After they were done with taking photos with fans, I ended up getting to spend some one on one time with a few cast members during their break. Everyone was really nice, (A few were really drunk — I’m looking at you, JJ!) and I was able to snag some pictures with most of the people I met.

Joshua was a major cutie. Here he is getting ready to offer me a rose.


You can usually charm me by making me laugh.



I was actually really pleasantly surprised to get a rose from him. Josh was a really sweet, genuine gentleman.
Proof that I may be goofy, but I am also hilarious.
Posing with my second “first impression rose.” This was definitely my favorite one!
In case you missed my last post, JJ was the first to give me a rose.
I would have loved one from Jared too, but I won’t be greedy!
Joe acted the exact way you would have expected. Also, he was definitely standing on his tiptoes for this photo, hehe.
Ashley I. was super sweet. I feel like she has a really good heart (And is incredibly beautiful!).
Lauren and I really hit it off and talked about dating and fashion.


The newly engaged Jade.
Getting a photo with the whole crew… The guys were NOT happy that I was taller than them in heels.

Today’s Lesson: The Bachelor crew is pretty chill and does, in fact, know how to put on a good cocktail party.

He’s So Bad, But He Does It So Well

Well, I met one of the token Bachelor bad boys last weekend (I will write more about the event another day).

I was also lucky enough to have photos taken while getting my very first “first impression rose” from The Bachelor franchise.

No, I did not get a rose from the ever popular and sweet Jared. I do speculate, however, that he is seeing someone now. From the light investigative work I did after the event I might even say that he could be with Tenley from the Bachelor family, but something tells me that she wouldn’t be that cruel to her lovely friend to Ashley I.

Why didn’t you give out a rose, Jared?

I lucked out and charmed the villain JJ Lane. Granted, he seemed fairly drunk, so my jokes were probably at least 5Xs funnier to him than they should have been, but I’ll take it. The conversation went something like this:

“So I just met you, and this is crazy, but please accept this rose.”
“Oh, I know all about you and your antics, JJ.”
“Come on, Krista, please just give me a chance.”
“You are the most hilarious girl I’ve ever met, and I would love to get to know you more.” (Or something along those lines ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
“Oh, fine. I’ll give you a shot.”
Looks like JJ is still as smooth as ever with the ladies.

JJ actually ended up being really nice, and I enjoyed getting to chat with him for a bit. I even had a drink with him while I was there, (His eleventh beer, according to him, and a sparkling water for myself) and got to learn a bit about him and the show. He was a perfect gentleman, and meeting a celebrity always reminds me that you really can’t judge someone based off of what you read or see about them in the media.

What will come of mine and JJ’s newfound romance, you ask?

Well, we ended up saying that we will see each other again, even if it’s just in our wildest dreams.

I Am Finally Clean.

This is a little bit heavier than almost anything I will ever post on here, but I like to keep things real and would love for you all to know a little more of my story.

I’m 24 and have just had one serious boyfriend.

I’ve never really been boy crazy, and I consider myself a really independent person. Even from a young age I’ve always been good at being myself regardless of the environment I’m in, and even when I am seeing someone my good friends are always a priority in my life. I don’t believe in losing yourself and giving your life completely to someone else; rather, I think they should be a great addition to life.

Anyway, even with a good head on my shoulders, I never realized just how unhealthy my relationship was in it’s last year until I got out of it.

I think we’d both agree the breakup was “mutual,” but sadly I didn’t end things when they became unfair to me. I stayed in a really hard, kind of messed up situation a lot longer than I’m proud of.

I’m a fixer and am far too patient for my own good. I almost always put others first, even when I shouldn’t, and I trust people — especially those who I am closest to.

I was in the classic situation where everything became centered around what my significant other wanted, and neglected my own needs.

Guys, this all happened while I had been dealing with a serious chronic illness. The biggest red flag is when you are going through something life-changing and your partner can’t make the time to be there for you. In sickness and in health is one of the most important vows you will make in your life, and you better be sure the person you want to spend forever with has your back too.

Leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done — I was essentially losing a best friend of 5 years — but it’s honestly one of the best decisions I have made.

I have now made room to find someone who will make me a priority, and I am so excited to eventually be with a man who will be just as selfless in our relationship as I will be. Love is all about compromise and putting someone else’s needs along side your own, and I can’t wait to be in a relationship that looks like that again one day.

In the meantime I am enjoying having extra time to snuggle with my puppy, read, write, and continue to improve myself. After all, I will be with me for the rest of my life, so why not try to be the best Krista I can be?

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.34.46 AM
Taylor Swift’s song “Clean” is on point.