Moving On

If you told me to describe our future home using 3 adjectives, these are what I would choose — cozy, clean, and chic. When we first started putting everything together I was leaning more towards a coastal vibe, but seeing that we live nowhere near a beach, that makes absolutely no sense. I love simple elegance and despite living with two messy boys (in their defense, I’m not particularly neat either), I love a clean looking home.

I hate warm tones and prefer cooler colors in a home. Before we decided to build, my husband realized pretty darn fast that I really do not like beige, particularly in a bathroom. I had to laugh any time we visited a new place and he would shout, “Babe, you’re going to want to change the tile in here!” about any bathroom that was remotely tan. The funny thing is, our last home had all beige bathrooms, but we weren’t going to stay in our townhouse long enough to make even a tiny reno worth it. I was incredibly happy there and cried when my husband said he wanted to move into our forever home. We had made so many great memories there and I loved the location. I loved our neighborhood, our neighbors, and how much it just felt like home. Now that we’re several months removed from living there I’m straight excited about moving, but it definitely wasn’t that way during the moving process. It was really bittersweet. I would have been happy living there forever, but there’s something exciting about moving to a place you know you’re going to stay put. Here are some photos of our first home together — kind of the “before” collage:

We will always have a flag out front. I had someone paint our new home as a present for Robert, and asked for our little pine tree and American flag to the watercolor.
This was our kitchen! It actually makes me kind of sad looking at this photo. Not too long ago I made lots of dinners in this space.
Knock out the arch, replace the countertop, stain the railing, change the fan, and get rid of those ceilings! Sorry — I thought you were asking how I would like to renovate this space.
Such a special little space.
I didn’t spend a lot of time making this house our home, but in hindsight I could have at least replaced the mirror and added paint for a small price.
This was the office Robert made for me. He got the desk for my birthday a few years ago, and built me a gaming computer during COVID!

Selling our house in this market was great. It was gone in a week, but buying was a whole other story. If you’ve been in the market for a house the past 8 months or so, you’ve probably noticed how insanely low rates got, which caused a huge amount of people to rush out and try to get a new home if they weren’t busy refinancing their own. It got so competitive it wasn’t unusual for a home to have 15 or more bids on it. We started shopping at a really bad time (lots of the winter months), so there was such a small selection of houses that were even on the market. Of course, now that we have a place, I’ve seen a million homes go on the market that are great and we would have bid on, but it’s still been so fun getting to create what we want together. More on that another day.

A Turning Point

Good morning, and happy Friday!

I’ve written maybe 10 posts in the past year. I think we all know it’s been such a whirlwind. COVID was a big thing that happened and turned our lives upside down, but I’ve had a lot going on, too. We did our second deployment. The pandemic hit. Cancer came into my life in 2021 — twice. Neither is me, and one is my puppy, Jax, who had surgery and is doing just fine, but I understand why people use the strongest curse word possible in conjunction with this word.

Some good things happened or are happening, though. We bought our first house together. Well, actually, we are building our forever home. It’s really freaking exciting. I learned some serious self defense last year. I’ll get more in detail with this another day. I got my COVID shot and think things are looking brighter with the pandemic. I went camping and liked it. I’ve spent some time at Trader Joe’s and discovered their gluten-free everything bagels and cinnamon crumble muffins. I get to see my family.

This is all I feel like talking about now, but I figured it was better to come on and say “hello” again before just jumping right in with some new posts. I will be chatting a lot about interior design, as that’s a big part of my life right now, and any other happy things I can think about. I want to keep this space light. On that note, here is a picture I took of Jax with a pup cup a few weeks ago. Today he turns 4, and we will be spoiling him all weekend!