Kindness Counts

I’m not really a proud person, (Thank God; I get myself into too many embarrassing situations on a regular basis, and wouldn’t be able to be happy if I cared a lot about what others thought about me) but I do pride myself on one thing — always being kind to others.

People love to laugh at others’ expense (I do encourage you to laugh at my expense on here!) or poke fun at people for being different, and we almost always think our way of doing things is best.

God gives us each our own special and unique gifts for a reason, though. If people weren’t vastly different from one another, the world wouldn’t be able to function as a whole. Frankly, what makes us different is often what makes us interesting.

One thing I never, ever want to do is make anyone feel bad about themselves. I don’t want my dates to somehow stumble upon my blog and feel badly about the way they are portrayed — so far everyone has been really nice and treated me well, so they definitely don’t deserve that. If they ever found this I would want them to be able to laugh and enjoy themselves the same way you have so far.

So we are going to change things up and make them a bit more interesting.

First, we are going to get a peek into what it’s like dating me. I probably make the most hilarious date of all, and I definitely have my fair share of embarrassing stories already. Second, we will still be seeing great clips from hilariously relatable dates; we just won’t be getting up close and personal with any individual gentleman. Third, I think we can all relate to the struggles we go through dating in our twenties, so I am excited to give and receive advice from you all.

Here are a few things to look forward to in the next few weeks:

  • The story of me getting friendzoned… Hard.
  • Every girl’s worst nightmare on a date. Seriously, at least 90% of you should be able to guess what this topic will be on.
  • I have some really entertaining interviews set up that I’m really excited to share.
  • Y’all are going to get the opportunity to be a little more involved in my dating life. No, we won’t be pranking my dates, but I have a few different ideas on how you can be a part of this journey with me.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your support. I didn’t realize when I set this up that I would have almost 1,000 viewers in the first 24 hours, and the pressure is definitely on to come up with some good material.

This is one of my favorite quotes, and if I can have any influence on the way people feel, I want it to be positive.

Oh, Hey There!

I wanted to start my blog with a quick introduction.

I am a 24 year old girl, and live right outside Washington DC.

I recently got out of a loooong relationship (Well, long for being in my twenties; we dated for almost 5 years) and am finally over it and ready to start dating again. Here’s the thing, though. I haven’t been in the dating game for quite awhile, so things like Tinder and OKCupid are completely foreign to me, and I’ve never had the opportunity to flirt with guys when I go out. I was a really loyal girlfriend, which is great, but now I think it will be hilariously fun to try my hand at the dating game.

A little about me: I’m super-goofy, down to earth, and honest when it’s not going to hurt someone’s feelings. I’m too nice, which guys often interpret as me flirting with them (The struggle is real, right girls?!) and I’m pretty sure I’ll be awful at telling guys I’m not into them.

I have a snarky and sarcastic sense of humor, love pranks, and thrive in awkward situations. Seriously, I don’t get embarrassed easily, and think it’s funny to create awkward situations to see how people react.

I am excited to go on this journey with y’all, and hope you enjoy reading along!

Now let’s find out what it’s like being #SingleInTheSuburbs.