What’s The Buzz On Bumble?

I downloaded Bumble this week after several people recommended it to me.

For those of you who don’t know what the app is, it’s basically like Tinder, but instead of either party reaching out with a message, the female has to be the first to communicate. If she doesn’t send a message in the first 24 hours, the connection expires.

One funny thing I’ve noticed about Bumble is that there are a lot of guys using it. Like, I ran into 8 people I knew in the first 15 minutes of using it! And these are guys who are my friends outside of the dating app — there were even more that I recognized from Tinder, Hinge, etc. (Because I’m apparently all over the place.)

At first I thought Bumble would be kind of lame. My prejudgment of the app was that guys who were afraid to ask girls out on their own would use it and that I would really have to take the reins and lead the conversation.

I decided to take my preconceived notions off the table, though, and go into the app with an open mind. Bumble ended up proving me wrong.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 4.56.59 PM

After using Bumble for almost a week I’ve decided it’s actually one of my favorite apps. Here’s why — there’s something on dating apps I like to call “swiper’s regret.” This happens when I match with someone before really reviewing their profile, then realize they’re kind of a creeper. It’s unfortunate having to tell a guy that you’re not interested right off the bat, and it’s a nuisance umatching a bunch of people after looking into them further. Bumble allows a female to do her swiping, then take a closer look before having an exchange with someone.

A pro for guys is that it’s simply more efficient for a girl to reach out and show that she is interested. A twentysomething girl with a dating app is bound to get anywhere from dozens to hundreds of messages that are difficult to sort through, and cannot always reply to every single person who reaches out — it would become a full-time job and dating apps are supposed to be simple.

A lot of guys I know complain about how so many girls don’t even bother replying to their messages. Bumble makes it easy on guys so they can just quickly swipe right, then wait to see if the girl is actually interested in having a conversation.


Overall I’d give Bumble a good review for ease of use, efficiency, and quality of matches. What do you think of the app if you have used it? Do you agree or disagree with what I observed so far?

Wrecking My Date

Well, I have another good Krista story for you.

Last night I went on a date in the city, which has bad traffic and very little parking on the weekends.

I was right on time, but a little worried about finding a space for my car. As soon as Siri told me I had arrived at my destination, though, I saw a spot literally right in front of the restaurant! It was fairly tight, but I told myself I was a decent parallel parker (I knew deep down that I was lying to myself) and went for it.

Terrible idea.

First, it was super embarrassing because I basically had to stop traffic to even try to park. Second, my date and everyone in the front of the restaurant could see outside, and my only consolation was knowing that he had no idea what my car looked like.

After trying to ease my car into the spot I realized I was nowhere near the curb. I couldn’t just leave my car sticking out in the middle of the road, so I got back in the car and tried again. And again. And again.

Guys, what I am telling you is that I am a terrible parallel parker. Terrible. I blame Virginia for not requiring it in Drivers Ed class.

Anyway, this is basically what ended up happening:

Yes, I bumped the car behind me. No, I didn’t have as much room as Michael to park; my spot was really tight, so it wasn’t as ridiculous. I did end up having to write a note and leave it on the car behind me in front of everyone. There wasn’t any damage done since I just tapped the bumper, but I felt like it was the right thing to do regardless.

Today’s lesson: Don’t try to be someone you’re not. I’m not a good parallel parker, so I shouldn’t have acted like I was Dominic Toretto. I should have just driven like a Krista.