Keep On Keeping On

Sigh, one of the most difficult things about having a chronic illness is all the new things you develop. My illness started with POTS, but has expanded into an array of new symptoms and syndromes. The most recent thing we are looking at is whether or not I have nerve damage. I’m actually really quite nervous about this, as I thought I was in the clear since I had some skin biopsies last December that came back negative.

Now I have to go get some new tests done, though, and am praying hard that the numbness and tingling is merely a lack of circulation (or something less) and won’t cause any lasting damage. It’s always scary being presented with the idea that something new — something foreign to you — might be wrong. The best thing I’ve learned, though, is that Google and online forums are not my friend. It’s kind of similar to the way people joke about Web MD; every person’s illness presents itself so differently that it doesn’t help to look at the terrible things someone else may have. Instead, I’ve learned to focus on myself and try to remain positive while getting as many answers as I can.

In the meantime, I would so appreciate prayers from y’all that none of the new pain I have been feeling will be anything lasting. I would appreciate prayers for healing, and for finding the right doctors to help treat me. Thank you for being such an amazing support system for me! ❤

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