My Second Love

People always make a big deal about how your first love will always have a special place in your heart. While I believe this is true and that you learn a lot from your first love, I’d like to focus more on my second. I have some special memories with my first boyfriend I’ll treasure forever, but hot damn, my second blew that first one out of the water.

My second love is the one who taught me that although the first person I thought would be my forever didn’t work out that there are, in fact, people who are an even better fit for me and that my heart can learn to love again. He made me feel like I hadn’t even known what love and passion looked like before, and I often found myself telling him that I didn’t realize men could be the attentive and caring person he was toward me in a relationship.

Falling in love a second time was twice as scary, but twice as beautiful as the first.

The second time I fully knew what a terrible heartbreak looked like. I was wary and cautious and didn’t want another boyfriend, but quickly realized I was powerless when it came to him. He was the exception to my rule, and there was no stopping me from falling for him — hard. Now, several months in, I couldn’t be happier that I let my guard down, took a risk, and let myself fall in love all over again.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 11.27.28 AM.png

Today’s lesson: Have you ever met someone and wondered what in the world you did to deserve such a great human in your life? I think when you get to have that person as your significant other you should hold on to them as tightly as you possibly can. Love is one of the most beautiful things this world has to offer, so when your heart finds itself ready to love again, let it — even though it’s one of the scariest things you could possibly do.

4 thoughts on “My Second Love

  1. Aww this was extra sweet to read this morning. I have someone really special in my life. For awhile I felt like I was falling in love but this weekend I had this epiphany and thought, “Oh man, I really love him.” It’s crazy scary but also amazing. I think that having past experiences and heartbreaks just makes finding someone so much more wonderful.

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