Boyfriends And Birthdays

I think by now I’ve written enough that you all know I am a flawed human being. I make mistakes on a regular basis, and I sometimes own up to them on here.

Today I am going to write about something I actually am kind of ashamed to admit. I used to measure how much my boyfriend loved me by what he would get me for my birthday… Or Christmas, or Valentine’s day. Yep, that’s about it.


You see, I haven’t dated the right kind of guy for the way my heart loves in the past. I’m someone who feels loved when someone spends time doing something for me. Some of the best gifts I have given and received from loved ones have included scrapbooks, beautifully written letters, and such perfectly tailored “Krista presents” that I just know the person spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to get me. One of my biggest love languages is gift giving, and it’s never about the money spent, but it’s all about the thought put behind the gift (Or — my favorite — the words written in a card).

This year is different, though. This year I am with someone who I absolutely positively know from the bottom of my heart cares about me and loves me to my core. He shows me in his actions and tells me every day how much he cares.

Instead of (cringe) having my best friend “help” my boyfriend pick something out because he didn’t know my style or would wait until the last minute to make a Target run otherwise, I was 100% genuine when I told Robert that he didn’t need to get me anything this year, and that I just wanted him to come home. Even though he did end up mailing me something (Which I will still wait to open until tomorrow!), I would have been completely happy getting a Skype call and a sweet note on December 3rd. My heart has never felt so content with someone the way it feels with him.

I’ve learned that if you’re with a person who really gets you and knows how to make you feel loved, that the whole “love language” thing isn’t such a big deal anymore. It still matters, but doesn’t dictate the entirety of your relationship because you feel safe and secure. You know your person is thinking about you, even if you can’t talk every single day or do the whole “good morning” and “goodnight” texting. I used to think that I needed a man who would do those things for me every single day. After all, sending a text only takes about a minute, I would reason to myself. My boyfriend should certainly be able to do that for me every day!

Holy crap is it amazing not worrying about little things like that anymore! Until I started writing tonight I haven’t realized in the fourteen months we’ve been dating* Robert doesn’t typically send me those texts — yet I know that every morning when he wakes up he’ll think of me, and the same goes for falling asleep at night. I no longer need a set routine to feel loved, and I don’t  read into every little thing my boyfriend does or doesn’t do to know that he cares about me. I just know. No matter what happens, this is the kind of relationship I want for my future. I want someone who makes love feel easy, and someone who makes me feel secure in our relationship so that when little things fall out of place they don’t rock us. Life is long, messy, and has its fair share of ups and downs. Why make something like love more complicated than it needs to be? Forget about the rules Cosmopolitan creates to “make your relationship fulfilling,” and find someone who makes love seem so easy that when times do get hard you have a solid foundation to stay afloat on.

Today’s lesson: If little things like not getting a “good morning” text every day bother you immensely, please take a minute really think about your relationship. Is he treating you the way you would like your best friend to be treated? Is he treating you the way you treat the people you love? Do you feel loved in this relationship — not just on holidays and special days, but on sick days, and on Mondays? If the answer is “No” to any of these, sit down and take fifteen minutes to really think about whether or not this seems to be a satisfying relationship. This is one of the scariest things you can do when you love someone and are attached to them, but if they’re not the right person for you letting them go sooner rather than later opens a door for the kind of love you do want in life. You never know when your person might pop into your life. Don’t be taken by someone who won’t be in your future to miss meeting someone who would be great there.

*I don’t know how long to say I’ve been dating Robert! Our first date was fifteen months ago, but we weren’t exclusive until a few months after that.

8 thoughts on “Boyfriends And Birthdays

  1. This is perfect! I think that we all have this idea of the things we want in a relationship. Some of the things are important and should never be compromised. However, some of the things are incredibly trivial and just a preference. In big picture, things like morning texts and presents aren’t that important.

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    1. Yes I agree with you completely!! It just is so funny now seeing so many posts on Instagram of people saying all they want is a guy to text them good morning. I feel sad that I used to be able to relate, and hope other girls realize there are guys who will treat them so much better than just offering that.


  2. I agree to a point. If it’s the right person, you are kind of already doing stuff for each other anyways so aparticular gift may not be so important it’s more spending time with each other and the “us” thing. Like maybe you both stay at a nice hotel one night and that’s both your gifts. Or if you never see them, they sneak away a couple days and surprise you.

    On the other hand, gifts do show you care and from my parents I know, my Dad used to get my Mom things and she told him want she wanted but he’d get her something else and she’d be so dissapointed because he wasn’t listening. Sometimes people think getting someone something in their “list” or what they “particularly wanted” isn’t fun or the way it should work, but often it shows caring and listening, especially if say that person at one time didn’t have a lot of $ to spare and there was something they really wanted or needed. Just another perspective 🙂 Dad did eventually get it 🙂

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    1. Yes I agree with your comment completelyyyy. And I definitely do love the presents part of a relationship because it is a fun way of showing your significant other that you care, so I definitely didn’t mean it shouldn’t be a part of a relationship. I totally think it should and love that part!

      I’m so glad your dad finally got it, hahaha! My dad can sometimes be the same way, but he’s learned too. 😉

      Thank you so much for your comment… Well said!! 🙂 ❤

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