Playing The Waiting Game


Robert’s plane gets in at 6:08 PM, so naturally I’ll be getting to the airport at like, 5. It’s 10 right now and I really don’t know how I’m going to get through the next couple of hours. I am pretty much ready with everything except getting myself dolled up. I have the balloons, flowers, and sign, and I will have another little surprise I’ll share on here soon enough… I just don’t want it getting spoiled by writing about it too soon!

I just have to spend 8 hours and 8 minutes keeping myself occupied. Oh gosh, and the time it takes for him to get off the plane too! It’s so crazy how impatient I feel today after we’ve gone almost 10 months without seeing each other.

Okay, I can’t just sit here and write. I’m going to go occupy myself with something. Maybe I’ll take a 3 hour shower or go power walk around the mall.


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