Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s my favorite day of the year! This Valentine’s Day has gotten off to a bit of a rough start. I had a hard time sleeping last night, and this morning when Macy came over to wake me up it took a lot longer than normal for me to wake up and get out of bed. When you have POTS you really have to take your time getting up and out of bed, especially when you haven’t had a lot of sodium, as your vision blacks out and there’s always a chance of fainting.

Anyway, I had my normal breakfast and then hurried off to physical therapy, which was quite a bit more difficult than normal. I feel so exhausted and my shoulders and arms hurt more than usual again.

Enough complaining, though! The best parts of today so far have been getting treated to a molten lava hot chocolate, getting home and having the best lunch (an enormous salad), homemade chocolate strawberries, and watching my favorite Valentine’s Day episode of The Office  (Season 2 where Phyllis gets a million things from Bob Vance, lmao!) before going over to watch my neighbors’ kids. I also got some really sweet Valentine’s Day cards in the mail and was lucky enough for my ipsy box to come today… Hooray!

The thing I really love most about Valentine’s Day is seeing how happy all of my friends and family are. I love love, and although every couple has their ups and downs it’s great to see people spending time with those who really do mean the world to them. Even when I’m single it brings me great joy to see others happy. This year I do have a romantic Valentine, though, as well as a few dates with my girl friends this week. I am not one to make a huge deal about my own birthday by having a “birthday week” or “birthday month,” however I totally milk Valentine’s Day for all it’s worth and am planning on celebrating several times this week.

One of the happiest days.

Today wasn’t the best day ever since I had a lot going on (For once I’m not going to write every single thing on my blog — but y’all aren’t missing anything interesting, I promise!), but I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of this week.

Love you all so much, and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

10 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. This was really cute. You almost make me a fan of Valentine’s Day. I personally don’t really get into it but I can definitely see the appeal. My guy and I did use the holiday as an excuse to make and extra fancy dinner on a Tuesday night.

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      1. I have been slacking on my blog. I have written a few posts here and there but nothing about him. I don’t know why I’m being so guarded about him but I’m reluctant to write things on my blog. I’ll start sharing more soon. I enjoyed writing about him the last time.

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      2. No, it’s understandable!! There are a lot of reasons writing about your love life is kind of extra difficult. I sometimes feel nervous before posting things too! I’m gonna go see what’s new on your blog now, though, and look forward to seeing more posts soon!

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  2. After reading one of your previous posts I decided that this year’s Valentine’s day was going to be great! I sent my boyfriend this amazing care package. It’s the first one I’ve sent him. I spent weeks working on homemade cards, toys and candy with cheesy saying, and pictures from his last visit home. It made my day to see how happy he was! We didn’t get to spend the day together, but it was a great first Valentine’s day for us!

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    1. Aww that is so fun! I used to love sending care packages; it’s the only fun part about long distance, haha. Are y’all normally far apart, or does he live near you? Those seriously sound adorable, though, you’re a great girlfriend! I’m so happy to hear you had a great day. ❤

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      1. Thank you! 🙂 We are a couple states away from each other unfortunately. Thankfully I get to see him during block leave. 🙂 I can’t wait to share my last surprise that I have for him on my blog!

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      2. Aww I know how tough that is. I’ve done a lot of long distance in my life and people don’t understand unless they’ve done it before. I am excited you’ll get to see him, though, and can’t wait to read the blog post!! ❤

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