A Visit From The Fire Department

Oh my gosh, I have had such a crazy day already and it’s only 1 PM!

After a relaxing morning of writing a little and going for a walk since it’s like, above 70 degrees in February, I used the gas stove top to make a light lunch. It didn’t turn off, though, and kept clicking with little spurts of gas coming out. I went to the neighbors’ house to see if they knew what to do with no avail. So I called our gas company, who sent me to a contractor, who said they weren’t allowed to work with stove tops like ours anymore and sent me to the local fire department.

I was super embarrassed to call — especially because I went on a date with someone who works there once — but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! The people on the other end of the non-emergency fire line were incredibly nice and said that yes, they were the correct people to call for this kind of thing.

Macy and I waited outside for about ten minutes before the fire truck pulled up to our house.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 2.39.32 PM.png
I didn’t have any time to put makeup on before leaving the house, so pulled the classic “hide behind a hat” move.

We heard the truck’s massive engine a full minute before it actually got to our house, and it was kind of hilarious to see all the neighbors lined up along the street, unashamed of being nosy to see what was going on.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 2.59.25 PM.png

Three people came up to the house — two men and a woman — and it was actually really cool getting to watch them in action. They shut off the gas, told me that I should never do that myself, as I’m not trained to do so with this type of equipment, and said we needed an entire new gas stove top. Noted.

The female told me that it was really good I had called, and that women should certainly know how to take care of things around the house. It was actually really neat seeing how knowledgeable everyone was, and it inspired me to learn more about how to take care of minor problems in the home. I know my POTS prevents me from doing a lot of physical activities (And thinking altogether if I have brain fog or dizziness!), but I still think it is important to know what needs to be taken care of — even if I need to ask someone else to help me actually do it.

I waved goodbye to everyone as they drove off, and took a mental note to bake them all some goodies later this weekend to say “thank you” for coming over. People like that are really wonderful, as they essentially chose a job where they serve people all day long. Now I have to go take a nap, though, since sitting outside in the hot sun took a lot out of the POTSie in me. Have a great rest of your Thursday, friends!

9 thoughts on “A Visit From The Fire Department

  1. Scary!
    Gas stoves can be found in Sweden every now and then, mostly in older homes. I’m not brave enough to have one, I would be super paranoid and sure that I would be killed in my sleep every night 🙂
    And as Myka there said: yum, fire fighters 😛

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  2. Thank goodness everything worked out. And I definitely agree with you when you say it’s important to know basic things around the house. I am so used to renting. Whenever anything goes wrong, I just call my landlord and it’s taken care of. I would eventually like to own a home so I should really start learning the basics of maintaining a home.

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    1. I WISH we had a class in school that taught us some of the basics. I think it’s really important for women to know how to do things around the house too, I just don’t really know how to start learning! It would be so nice to be knowledgeable by the time we have homes of our own.


      1. Don’t get me started on the classes I wish they taught in school. So many things I learned were useless. Things like taxes, retirement saving, home maintenance, etc. would have been so helpful.

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      2. Okay, right?! The taxes and knowing about credit and stuff would’ve been so great. I even think learning about stocks would have been great! The school system can be frustrating sometimes.


      3. I wish I could have learned more about stocks. I’ve always been pretty good with having a savings account. But I want to find ways to actually invest the money I save, in a smart way. Learning about the stock market in school would have been really useful.

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