Someone For Everyone

I strongly believe there is someone for everyone in the world. No, that doesn’t mean I think that everyone should — or will — be in a relationship or get married, but I do believe if you want to have a romantic partner there is someone out there who will be a good fit for you.

There are so many amazing examples I’ve seen of people who thought they would never find true love because they were too quirky, too sick, too old, too tall, too short — the list goes on. I would like to argue, though, that the only thing that would ever really hinder someone from finding true love is being too picky. None of the other “too’s” are going to deter every single person in the world from dating you.

Something to remember in the world of online dating and infinite choices is that nobody is perfect. You will never have a partner who has every single quality checked off on your “list,” or who doesn’t sometimes get on your nerves, but that’s normal. The most important thing to remember is that if your relationship is overall a really big asset to your life, the little annoyances you sometimes have are so tiny in the grand scheme of things.


Luckily we aren’t all attracted to the same kind of person. That would make life pretty boring, and the journey to find love way too competitive — kind of like an ongoing episode of The Bachelor. People have different “types” that they’re into, and just because you are rejected by one person doesn’t mean the next one who comes around won’t like you.

I don’t know why it takes some people longer than others to find a partner when their heart is ready. Sometimes I think it really is because dating is a numbers game. The more dates you go on, the more people you meet, and the more likely you are to find someone you really click with. Other times, I think people get in their own heads about dating and can take things too seriously too quickly. I know how hard it is to want the beautiful, loving relationship that you picture in your head, but remember that love and trust take time to build and you can’t force things.

Writing people off without getting to know them is another thing that can really hurt your dating life. Whether it’s because you don’t think you’re good enough for someone or because you don’t think they’re the right fit for you, sometimes it can be really beneficial to give people who have the important things in common with you a chance. When I first became single my motto quickly became “It’s just a date.” By having this attitude I was able to chat with guys, get to know them, and give them a chance. If you really dig deeper into my own life, did it make sense that I went on a date with a soldier who was getting ready to leave for a long deployment? It doesn’t seem like an ideal situation — especially for someone who isn’t keen on doing long distance — but going on that first date with Robert and giving him a chance was one of the best decisions the best decision I have ever made. Seriously, I could not have known two Octobers ago that going out to a little Italian restaurant with someone I met online was going to be a life-changing moment for me, but it was, and despite all the hard times we had during the deployment he was worth every single one of them. Giving this cute, funny stranger a chance gave me one of the most important things I have in my life — us.

Regardless of how dating has been for you, the only way you can find what you’re looking for is by putting yourself out there and trying again. I hate heartbreak so much, but the great thing about loving and losing the wrong person is that you are another step closer to finding the person who is right for you. Hearts are fragile, but they’re resilient and can heal, even when it feels like they are smashed into a million different pieces. Hang in there, and be gentle with yourself.

13 thoughts on “Someone For Everyone

  1. This is so beautiful…Thanks dear for sharing this post. I hope this convinces some singles that don’t believe in online dating which I know for sure isn’t for everyone. I love your motto and your story is very encouraging…💞💝

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  2. Love this! When you’re in the throes of dating, it could seem like finding love is impossible. I know I’ve been there. This definitely would have been a nice a reminder when I was so turned off from dating.


  3. I’m glad I read this. I am absolutely horrible at relationships and now that my marriage has failed, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m even worth being loved by someone. This post was a beautiful and hopeful reminder that there still might be a chance for me.


    1. YES, YES, YES. A million times yes, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY worth being loved!!! I know we’ve talked about faith a little bit on here before, but I wholeheartedly believe you are loved unconditionally by God — someone who created you and loves you so much. I actually am in the middle of writing something that has to do with this, so I’ll have to dedicate part of that post to you. 🙂 I know it’s hard to have faith and isn’t necessarily for everyone to explore, but my heart means well when I tell you how much you are loved.

      And as for a romantic relationship, there is always a chance for a second chance at finding love! As well as a third, fourth, fifth, etc. You are so worth loving, and I am a firm believer in putting out good into the world and into other people until you do find someone who is a good fit for you. I’ll be praying for you, but I really hope you start believing the words I am telling you that you DO deserve to be loved. I hope you can open yourself up again one day to give someone new that opportunity!

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      1. Does it help that I WANT to believe?
        I understand what you say, I understand what I read, I understand what others say…
        …but I don’t FEEL it.
        But I am thankful that you are so encouraging to me. Thank you. 🙂

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      2. Yes it absolutely does!!! I am in a huge journey for my faith (That I neglect often). I don’t go to church anymore — but “want to,” I have just done a bad job at prioritizing it, I struggle with feeling Someone I can’t see much of the time, and I don’t always connect to the Bible. I’ll keep you posted on my personal journey, but I think wanting something is the most beautiful start you could possibly have. You just have to put time into anything you want to learn more about (Now I am screaming at myself, “Take your own advice, Krista!!!! Haha). Maybe we can challenge each other to take baby steps. I’m starting by reading a little devotional book Robert gave me every day. It’s on my Instagram (@singleinthesuburbs) if you go back about a week or so, it’s all about animals so it makes it easier for me to read!

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