Dear Men, Take More Pictures.

I think a lot of us saw the post that went viral last year from the mom who said that men need to take more pictures of their wives.

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Photo Credit: ShaiLynn Photo and Film

Truth is, my Facebook feed is filled with photos of dads, boyfriends, children, and dogs, but we often don’t see the women behind the camera. As the post states, if girls don’t ask, the photo isn’t getting taken. You could argue that females might be a little more likely to update their Facebook feeds, but I also think it rings true that men are generally less likely to preserve the little moments of everyday life that many women enjoy having.

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I’ve never been very good at taking pictures. I always felt too “in the moment” to capture my life on camera — that is, until the deployment. Before Robert was deployed I took pictures of him cooking, playing games with me, driving, and on dinner dates. I took videos so I could hear his voice while he was gone, and I tried my best to get some photos of us together so I could remember everything. In all honesty, I don’t know what I would have done without those tiny pieces of him while he was overseas. My heart hurt every night he was away, but when insomnia struck I was able to pull up a picture or video that reminded me of the fun times we had together. I had funny moments, sweet moments, and even a few sad moments of us together on my phone.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.52.48 AM.png
This was after the best weekend with Robert right before he flew overseas. Looking at this picture still makes me tear up, as it was the most heartbreaking “goodbye” I’ve said in my life.

If you look at my Instagram you’ll see photos I’ve captured of Robert in everyday life since. I took pictures of him while he was painting his new home, filling up his truck with gas on a road trip, and of how nice he looked when he got home from work. My iPhone is filled with pictures of dogs, my family, food — primarily dessert (Sorry Instagram) — and Robert. These are the most special things in my life, and I want to be able to look back on them 50 years from now and remember the little details my own memory might forget.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Robert. In the first few months of dating I got Junior Mints to take to the movies. We accidentally spilled them in Robert’s seat, and he noticed them plastered to his butt before he went home. I’ll never forget moments like this, but I love having a picture that I can giggle at along with the story.

I am a hundred percent my own worst enemy when it comes to having my photo taken, though. Instead of embracing it, I blush and wonder why I need to be alone in a photo. I say “No thank you” when someone asks to take a picture of me, and my reflexes have gotten great at pushing a lens out of my face. From now on I am going to try my best to move past my own insecurities and ask to have my picture taken too. With dogs, by myself, and even when I’m tired and not wearing any makeup.

Instead of feeling like it will make me seem vain or be offputting, I am going to realize that having my photo taken too is just another piece of the puzzle for documenting a memory. That way when I get older and have kids of my own, I’ll be able to show the candid moments of myself as well as my loved ones, and will be included in all of the adventures, too. In all honesty I’m actually really nervous about committing to this, but I’m going to try to be a good sport and will start sharing the more candid, less than perfect photos on here too.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.39.23 AM

Here’s to creating lots of beautiful memories with loved ones — and capturing a few in the process.

11 thoughts on “Dear Men, Take More Pictures.

    1. Awwww that’s adorable!! Good for you; I definitely think there are plenty of guys who do, I just don’t think it’s as common for moms to be in photos as it is for dads. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your story! 🙂

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  1. Lol. I agree with this. Taking pics of my ex was always difficult, he had to look perfect in them. And many guys I know shy away from pictures (even both my brothers) so I’m forced to snap pics when they aren’t looking. The same could be said of some of my friends’ husband’s/fiancés. But I read somewhere, no matter how bad you think u look or don’t like pictures, make sure. You’re in the, because one day your kids, nieces or nephews etc, will look back on these pictures and itwo t matter to them, your guy thought he was too unshaven, or that u felt too fat that day, they just want to see you, & in some cases, just remember you!

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    1. Yes the reason I wrote this was because I WISH I had more pictures of my parents from when they were younger. My mom was so great about taking photos of my brother and I, but there aren’t enough with my mom and dad in them.

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  2. I love this. I went to Europe last month with my bf and he was like a paparazzi. He had his camera out every other second, taking photos of me. As someone who hates having their photo taken, I spent a lot of time pushing him away or covering my face. But looking back, I am so happy that he took the pictures that he did. He captured me in moments of pure bliss which are a nice reminder of just how amazing the trip was.

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    1. Oh my gosh that’s adorable!! Yes that’s exactly how I always feel too; it’s SO embarrassing in the moment but you’re grateful to have the memories later. I hope you’ll do a post about your trip soon!! 🙂


  3. My dad was the family photographer. I learned how to take photographs, but I never developed the habit of recording life through photographs. I think my children do a better job of documenting my life than I do. J.

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    1. Oh that’s neat!! I always wished my parents both took more pictures, but there aren’t enough of either of them. It’s more just of my brother and I. Now I want to make sure I take more photos of my parents and family moving forward!


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