It’s A Nightmare On M Street

I’ve never been to Nightmare on M Streetbut every year I tell myself that next Halloween I’ll give it a go. At 26, though, I’ve decided I’m done with bar crawls.

Since I got POTS I haven’t been a huge fan of going out into big crowds as I often feel dizzy and worry about fainting in a crowded area, but even if I didn’t have a chronic illness I don’t think it would be my jam anymore. It’s hilarious talking to friends who feel the same way. I definitely still have a mix of people who enjoy big parties and loud music, but for the most part everyone is starting to settle down and enjoy a more low-key weekend with family or a friend or two.

Yesterday I handed out a few handfuls of candy with my mom, then went over to give out candy with Robert. Guys. I don’t think Halloween has ever been this much fun before. Giving out candy and seeing all the trick-or-treaters made my heart so happy! I definitely started off a bit too jazzed, though, as I told the kids, “Take as much as you want,” and then quickly realized there were going to be too many people stopping by to make that a sustainable practice. It was just so great seeing their eyes light up as they chose their favorite chocolate bars from the mix!

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.48.56 AM

I also loved how polite most of the kids were. I remember when I used to go door to door every Halloween how I would only take a piece of candy unless offered otherwise. Most kids this year were really sweet and thankful, but it cracked me up when one of the girls dug her hand deep into the bottom of the bowl and scooped out as many pieces of candy as her hand could hold. She was the reason I had to start rationing the candy better, and when she came back for a second treat a half hour later, I had to tell Robert that he’d need to turn her down if she had the guts to come back for a third scoop (thankfully she didn’t) because we still had a good hour left for other kids to come to the house.

Sitting by the door with a bowl of candy in my lap was one of the most fun evenings I’ve had in awhile. I loved seeing all the creative costumes, complimented the ones that weren’t the coolest to other kids, but that I thought were neat — like a Groot and a “sweatpants mannequin,” which was made from a black bodysuit that covered even his eyes — and I smiled about all the little middle schoolers who probably wouldn’t get to go out again next year. I love seeing any age of children trick-or-treating; even the older kids who don’t really dress up are great because I think it’s sweet that they are still doing something as innocent as getting free candy with their time instead of getting into trouble.

By the end of the night the kids had cleaned out almost 3 big bags of candy, but Robert and I noticed that that we were left with primarily Almond Joy candy bars and Whoppers. We’ve been having a big debate on my Facebook page about which is better, and somehow far more people seem to like Almond Joys than Whoppers. What the heck?! I always liked getting Whoppers in my pillowcase, but I never met a kid who liked an Almond Joy. I suppose next year we’ll need to try to find big bags of Reeses mixed only with Hershey’s bars, Twix, and M&Ms, rather than trying to pawn off the two untouchable candy bars. You live and learn, right?

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 4.14.29 PM.png
This was the “before and after” of our candy bowl. Note all the Whoppers and Almond Joys that were left! >_<

I’m already really excited for Halloween next year, as I want to give out more candy and keep seeing cute costumes throughout the evening. I think we will need to go all out in the decorating to try to really attract a crowd next year. What’s your favorite part about Halloween? And are you as excited about Christmas as I am now? Sadly I hate most Christmas music, but I can’t wait to start seeing all the decorations and enjoying all the Hallmark Christmas specials and movies on ABC Family (now known as Freeform) as I want!

9 thoughts on “It’s A Nightmare On M Street

  1. I love Halloween. I didn’t have to work yesterday so I was able to stay home and watch scary movies and eat candy. I was so excited to give out candy but we only had one trick-or-treater. I was so sad. But it was still fun to hang out with my nephews in their Spiderman costumes.

    I am so excited for Christmas. I’ve already been planning out where I’m going to put up a little tree. And I need to make room for a menorah for my bf. I love everything about Christmas, especially the movies. The cheesier, the better.

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    1. Ahhh that is so fun! Any recommendations on new scary movies? It’s adorable your newphews all dressed as Spiderman too! My brother used to dress up as Spiderman with his best friend every year, so the costume is still one of my favorites.

      Ahhh I’m sure getting a tree will be so much fun! Will it be the first you have in your own house? Also, it’ll be fun celebrating Hanukkah with your boyfriend this year too! I hope you write about it. 🙂

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      1. I have a small fake tree that I bought last year so I’ll be using that again. I love real trees but at the moment, my tiny apartment won’t allow it. I’m excited about actually being able to put up stockings this year.

        I watched a scary movie last night called “Better Watch Out.” It’s a Christmas-themed horror movie so I thought it was a good transition going from Oct to Nov. It’s entertaining and had an interesting twist.

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      2. Ahhh that will be so much fun! And surprising each other with Christmas presents and stuff. 🙂

        I’m going to have to see that movie now; maybe I’ll watch this weekend! I’ve been in the mood for a thriller but nothing seems good lately.

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  2. I love Halloween. I did all my parties on the weekend so I was home night of, but unfortunately my apt doesn’t get trick or treaters. So I just watched Fantastic Beasts. But one day I’ll get to hand out candy and see all the wacky costumes! Plus I would totally be the decorated house on the block. 🙂

    Also: #TeamAlmondJoy. I really don’t like malt and thats what’s in whoppers

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    1. Oh my gosh, I love that movie!! That sounds like a great Halloween to me; I’m going to have to DVR that one day soon so I can rewatch it. I haven’t seen it since it came out!

      And oh dang girl, everyone seems to be team Almond Joy! I would definitely choose Whoppers over them, but I think I’m the odd man out in that sentiment. 😛


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