February 13th

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year. I have always loved Valentine’s Day because I love love. That’s three of the “L word” in the same sentence and I don’t feel bad about it.

It’s actually really funny that this has always been a favorite of mine because I was typically super-single, yet I always looked forward to it just as much as Christmas.

Every year before this one I have offered to send Valentines to anyone who wanted one. I want other people to love the holiday as much as I do, but since that’s a pretty lofty goal I’m also happy to just warm someone’s heart just a little bit with some words I put in a glittery pink and red card. This year I didn’t put out a giant social media invitation. Part of the reason has been I’ve been busy and it takes a lot of energy to do these Valentines. For the normal Krista it takes a lot of work, but POTSie Krista can’t really write a lot without hurting my arms. I really have to pace myself when I take on the task of Valentines, so next year I’ll have to start really early.

The other reason I didn’t want to write a bunch of cards is because I wanted to really make this a memorable year being engaged. I want to remember all of these special little moments Robert and I have together as an engaged couple, since starting next year I am going to be married for the rest of my life and this is such a unique time filled with anticipation and excitement for our next chapter. I’ve really treasured the time we’ve spent together, and lately I’ve been reflecting on just how wonderful it’s been having him living so close to me. After spending so much time together on a regular basis, it’s hard to think that at one point we were separated by 6,500 miles for almost a year. Talking about the deployment puts a lump in my throat, but it also makes me want to happy-cry. That long distance really set a foundation for our relationship and set in place an amazing amount of trust and appreciation for the little things we get to enjoy. It makes me grateful to be able to hold Robert every single day and thankful that we can do the everyday activities like running errands and going grocery shopping together. My heart goes out to everyone who can’t be present with their loved ones; being far from someone you love more than anything is one of the most difficult feelings in the world.

Whether you’re super-single, think Valentine’s Day is just a gimmick that companies created to make money, or just hate all the sparkly hearts in general, I encourage you to put a deeper spin on the day. February 14th, to me, is like a second Thanksgiving. It’s another day to remember what the people in your life mean to you and how blessed with love you are. Whether or not you get a card this year, I encourage you to give one. Friends used to always be so pleasantly surprised when I walked around my college campus with red and pink goodie bags filled to the brim with chocolate and a love letter, and I think their reactions ultimately made me happier than anyone else. Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your significant other how much you care, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to show extra love to everyone in your life. The world can always use more kindness and reasons to bring happiness to those around us.

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