My Resolution To Be Fearless

We are over 4 months into the new year and I decided to reevaluate how I am doing on my resolution to fear less in my everyday life. I wouldn’t quite say I am failing, but I’d give myself a “C” on this front, and I am not okay with that.

Having a lifestyle blog for anyone in the world to read is a little nerve-wracking, but the fact that any of my friends, family, and acquaintances can read about some of my deepest feelings and thoughts is a whole lot scarier than strangers following along my journey. My best friends know what kind of beautiful, fearful, and thoughtful desires are in my heart, but putting it on paper for those who don’t know me very well makes everything feel a whole lot more intimidating. Ink is permanent and words are sometimes interpreted by readers differently than the writer intends.

I know people like to talk about what others are up to sometimes. I do think about 99% of my readers are kindhearted amazing people who genuinely want what’s best for me, so despite having a good number of readers on this little online space, I believe it’s safe to share my heart with you all. I also know how easy it is to make snap judgments about others on social media, though. This blog showcases a small piece of my life, despite my best efforts to share meaningful things with y’all, and it can be difficult when friends make an assumption based on one, three, or a dozen little posts from a couple days of life. Feelings can be long and drawn out or incredibly fleeting, and I write a lot about both. 

After thinking about it a lot, I’m not going to say I’m done with being afraid — because I’m totally not, and there will be times I won’t share a lot of what’s going on in my life — but I am going to use the next few months to put a lot out there and cross off some of my goals without worrying so much about what other people might think. I will continue to work to “fear less” every day so that one day I might be able to call myself “fearless” in pursuing my dreams.


15 thoughts on “My Resolution To Be Fearless

  1. I love this! Being fearless is something I definitely need to work on. In both my life and my writing. I agree with your sentiment that sharing with people you know is often harder than sharing with strangers. I find it so much easier to share with the readers who I don’t know in real life. Sometimes I find myself holding back cause I know that family members, friends, or acquaintances are also reading the blog.

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    1. Yes I agree with you completely! You totally get it. I think people are sometimes more accepting and kind of strangers than someone they even vaguely know. It also is so easy to be anonymous on a website or online forum, while even Facebook feels more connected to an actual person. I always love reading your posts and have really enjoyed getting to know you from your blog! ❤

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  2. Personally, I don’t believe you can write anything without revealing something about yourself – some personality trait, some characteristic, some taste you might have, whatever it might be. Of course, when you write about personal things, you will reveal so much more. I’m glad to know you. I’m glad to be able to see a part of your life, because it’s full of positivity – something I am desperate for. Thank you for what you share. ❤

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  3. I agree that opening up about our inner self, knowing our friends and family are going to read it is kind of scary. I try to be careful and read my writing through their eyes, and if the next time I see them, will them knowing that about me make it weird lol. Nice writing Krista!

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    1. Yeah I sometimes do the same thing, haha! It’s hard if you’re writing about something personal and then having an elephant in the room with someone you know reads your stuff on a regular basis haha. Sometimes it can bring you together with someone who feels the same way too, though! Thanks so much!

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  4. The time that is spent in different situations is never the same in any way. Some people have been through allot in life. Others haven’t gotten to this point yet. And some people have claimed not to have been there yet. We must remember that in everyone’s life it is always different.

    I wish you the best with everything that happens everyday within your life. I will try to do the same.

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  5. This is great!! I wrote about the “yes theory” – I’m trying to be fearless and say yes more! Being authentic is so hard for me especially on Instagram. It’s easier to write it down than for me to express it in a photo, but I’ve forced myself to start talking in stories more and I feel much better and more confident about opening up.

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    1. Thanks so much Rosie!! Oh my gosh, I will have to go take a look, but I know you write a lot about being authentic on social media (And I LOVE all your posts about it!). We definitely have our own little niches where we feel more comfortable, but I love your resolution too and cannot wait to see what this year has in store for you. I’m so glad we met and have been able to follow along on each other’s journeys! ❤

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  6. I agree with you when you say that sometimes opening up to a stranger is far more easier then to a friend or a known person. As you know that they will judge you, on the basis of experiences you share on your blog 🙂 Sometimes I feel its great that we have more unknown people as blog readers then known people 🙂 It help’s us to write fearlessly 🙂 All the best on your journey on writing fearlessly 🙂

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    1. Yes, I agree with you completely. I think so many of us who do have blogs where we are so open about the contents of our heart definitely understand how daunting it can be! Thank you for reading and offering your input. ❤

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