The Most Important Questions

I never realized how stressful football watching can be until I became a Patriots fan. My heart raced in the last half of the game against Kansas City yesterday. It’s not easy caring whether or not your team makes it to the next game, especially if it’s as important as the Super Bowl.

Becoming a football fan can be confusing, though. It’s not like the announcers explain things for us newbies, so I have to keep my trusty iPhone by my side for the questions I don’t feel like bothering Robert with. I wanted to share some of my new knowledge with you, so here are the questions I Googled during the game:


The first thing I looked up (after ordering wings, of course) was,

“Good thing to say during Kansas City and Patriots [game].”

I found a few things that contributed to our football-watching, and Robert was so into the game that he didn’t seem to notice that I had looked some stats up. Usually he catches me redhanded in a Google. Once the game started, I began getting into it. It’s nice being able to understand things like what a “first down” is and why the quarterback sometimes passes it and sometimes hands it off to someone (the running back, of course). I know, I know. I’m pretty cool for knowing a thing or two about football. That’s not the purpose of this blog post, though. I am going to open your eyes to a new part of the NFL. Here are some of the most important questions I now have the answers to:

“Can you grab an NFL player by the hair?”

The answer is yes, yes you can. Which led me to wonder why anyone would have hair that falls outside their helmet. They likely weren’t children on the playground with a ponytail to be grabbed during a vicious game of capture the flag or never snuggled up to a significant other to watch a movie, only to have their hair laid on and ripped out by the root. These two traumas are enough to make me cringe so hard when I think about the players’ scalp injuries throughout their career.

My next question was,

“What do football players keep in their fanny packs?”

I found the answer to the question of the century. Before I answer it, here were my guesses: Gatorade chewies, a towel to wipe off sweat, thirst-quencher gum (which definitely doesn’t work btw), and maybe a picture of a girlfriend or wife. I like to think the players are romantics too — more on this later.

None of my guesses were right… Not even close! I didn’t find a legit article on this because apparently everyone just knows what this part of the uniform is for, but my husband confirmed that Quora was correct and that they are actually not really meant to carry things. The “fanny packs” are actually just hand warmers. Very interesting.

The next question I Googled was my favorite because I found a gem of a GIF.

“Has an NFL player ever been ‘pantsed?'”

The reason I thought of this was because I kept seeing them grab each other by the jersey. Sometimes shirts would fly up a little, so I figured there must have been some point in time where a player just lost complete control of their uniform and found themselves exposed. Mr. Jackson, I am so sorry, but I have to share this picture with the world because it is just so darn funny. I couldn’t find any interviews about this incident, but I hope you had a good sense of humor about it too. Wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us, and I guess it’s just part of the risk of being an NFL player.

Then it was halftime and they had a bunch of commercials. One of my favorites was the one with the two NFL players who opened a cupcake franchise! They were freaking adorable, and I really want to order some cupcakes just to know they have the opportunity to bake them together for me. They looked like they were having so much fun, and despite knowing they will actually not be hand making the chocolate salted caramel and chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes for me, at least I’m still supporting their sweet dream (And yes, Gigi’s Cupcakes does deliver. Order some here to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday).

Photo Credit: Gigi’s Cupcakes Bee Cave Facebook

Brian Orakpo and Michael Griffin’s adorable interaction prompted me to look up who were some best friend duos in the NFL. I saw a few cute relationships and took note of Tom Brady and Julian Edelman since they are on my team, but somehow during all of this Googling I decided to look up Stephen Gostkowski to see if he seemed like a nice guy. Actually, the reason I did was because I am still looking for someone to support by wearing their jersey, and I noticed he was a really good kicker. I liked that he had my favorite number — 3 — and I think the kickers are underrated. This guy dictates whether or not we get precious points, and he didn’t crack under pressure at all! I don’t often see this jersey floating around the DC area, which is why I think he is the one I want to represent every Sunday.

After reading some about Gostkowski’s career and finding out that he is a genuinely good guy, I clicked on his wife’s name to see what their story was. Reading about the player’s personal lives is one of my favorite things about sports, and people’s love lives is the top thing I like meddling in. Guys. They are adorableIt looks like they’ve been together forever and have a really solid relationship. I’m always really happy to see celebrities or athletes who seem to be grounded. I looked up “cutest NFL relationships,” and theirs is still one of my favorites.

Photo Credit: Patriots Instagram

My last thing I looked up was,

“The reason for black paint under eyes.”

There is a reason so many athletes wear black paint, but I don’t know if I really buy it. I kind of think it’s their way of feeling cool, but apparently it’s to help them see better. I still am not sure what exactly they use; is it face paint, a sticker, or a charcoal mask that really makes it a convenient dual purpose? It just seems like the kind of thing football players do to show that they belong to a club we can’t be a part of.


Well, joke’s on them, because I got some Blaq charcoal eye masks in my most recent FabFitFun box and not gonna lie, they totally make me seem tough.

Do you know any interesting football facts? Who are some of the nicest players in the league? I think it’s time to start writing articles about the important things in life, not just statistics. Wouldn’t that make the game even more interesting to watch?

28 thoughts on “The Most Important Questions

      1. I bet. I like the NFL a bit in the playoffs so it will be interesting. New England made it again, which is nice but there are other teams to lol. I’m a big hockey fan though & thank goodness for google and Siri 🙂

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      2. Yeah it’s so helpful being able to look everything up hahaha. I finally genuinely enjoy watching football as long as I care about the game that’s on! And as long as we’re one and done — I can’t handle binge watching.

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      3. Hehe. I agree. One game is good. With are Canadian Football League as well.It is very interesting to learn about the players. I think you feel more connection to them
        If you can relate to them as humans. For example in relationships etc. In Edmonton we have an awesome QB, Mike Riley and he is such a great spokesmen for the team & is a good guy generally in his professional & personal life—a stand out guy. He Came here a few years back & met his wife, they’re married now with 2 kids & are all involved in Edmonton a great deal & well respected. He’s not bad to look at either. Usually I don’t go for guys with beards but his looks nice, it’s always trim lol 😉 So, I agree these personal details can make you want to cheer for certain teams & players and I think also respect them as more than just one-minded and not-well-rounded or academically/socially ungifted football players that we sometimes see portrayed on TV/Netflix shows.

        I’ll be watching Sunday from the airport probably lol. I’m working, but I hope you’re team wins! Cheers girl!

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      4. Ahh that’s so cool!! It is really nice when you respect the people on the team for more than just their athleticism. Does Canada ever play the US in any football games? I didn’t remember that you lived there; that’s awesome!! ❤

        Do you work at the airport or travel for work? It's so funny we've known each other on WordPress for such a long time and are still learning new things about each other, haha. 🙂

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      5. Well I think sometimes we know each other’s writings, more our insides and major life events, than all the little things.
        I’m from Alberta, Canada from the city where Wayne Gretzky won almost all his Stanley cups in hockey.
        In the CFL we did have a couple of American teams in the 1990’s, one even won the Grey Cup, but not since. It’s much harder to travel when you start to include the states. As for NFL, I would say despite us having a faster game, the quality of play is often better as is the pay grade. Most of it is b/c the NFL has a much wider array of players to choose from with over 2.5 million people in the states. Often, College players from the US come to play in Canada and love the style of the game. Some will stay for their careers, especially QB’s who still do descent here in wages, but your average football player in the CFL probably has a 2nd job, especially starting out. Some of our Canadian Collage grads play in the NFL and likewise, some of your collage grads that play here first, go to the NFL, along w/ couches.
        We still have a high grade of football it’s just different, and due to the NFL quality and pay scale, probably your 2nd choice, unless you grew up in Canada.

        I don’t work at the airport. Right now I work for a company that does the tech stuff and also has technology for silent auction and charity events. My friend hooked me up last year when I was ready to start working again outside of home, so I do 2-4 events a month with this company and it pays well. I’ve managed some events and am learning to do more. As my division of Givergy is situated in Alberta Canada, we take care of Alberta mostly. I have gone up to GP twice, and could likely go to Calgary if they need extra help, but to there I’d have to take the Red Arrow bus, since I don’t drive 🙂

        Tell me, what do you do for work again. I know you have said before, it’s just been awhile and I forget. Have you been feeling well enough to work part or full time? Are they good to you, so you can work from home if you need?
        Hugs and have an awesome Monday! Hope the Super Bowl winners are to your satisfaction?

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      6. Oh, that’s awesome!! Hockey is such a fun sport. It’s always been one of my favorites to watch; especially because I understand it a lot better than other sports, haha.

        Your job sounds so cool!! Do you like it? I think managing events must be a ton of work, but hopefully it’s also really fun. 🙂

        I actually never got a full-time job because I got sick with POTS a month after graduating from college — but my degree is in communication and journalism, and I was going to work for a magazine. Right now I am just working very parttime as a skincare consultant. Most of my work is done from home.

        And yes, the Patriots winning the Super Bowl was the best possible outcome for us!

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      7. Ah, I can much relate with job thing. I worked my first job almost a year, then I got sick. I didn’t do part-time writing helping students or for profs until a couple years ago. But that was very much horribly paid & I had enough of some of the students. It worked b/c I could control my hours & projects to some degree — as you do.

        But, right now, I’m
        Just doing the event stuff either managing or just working the events. I love doing this. It pays well & I get to travel locally a bit. I love being around the people for an evening wanting to have a good time and support some great charities and projects.

        Despite problems that always arise, I’ve learned I can work with it. A couple of events a week are okay. Or a short one and 2 regular (8-10 hrs).

        What, I am excited about is also doing some admin/staffing duties for some reliable income each month, even if it’s just a little each week. I can usually expect at least 2 events in a month, often 3, but those could be all in 1 week or 2 which can tire one out.

        Also, I want to keep writing, I miss that. I do Steeped Tea, which is something like your skin care, but it’s not a good money earner —mostly good for the discount for quality matcha, which I find helps a great deal w/ energy & tea for cold tea 🙂 it’s great to connect w/ and meet other people too.

        When you feel well enough & are a bit stronger, I have a feeling you can find some writing jobs, or even submit some articles to different magazines. It’s something to think about I guess.

        I’m glad you like hockey. I knew you had good taste 😉! And yes, happy your team won in the NFL.
        Just hoping my oilers pull off a miracle and make it to the playoffs. I don’t even know if it’s possible at this point. But, you never know. Who’s your fav hockey team?

        Take care girl.

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      8. Hey girl, I’m so sorry that I just saw you commented! It’s crazy how much changes when you get sick with a chronic illness. I am so glad you love what you’re able to do though — that’s so important! It’s such big progress to know what you can and can’t handle too though. That’s such a hard battle sometimes and it’s awesome you work for a company that can accommodate you. I’m SURE it’s not easy, but it’s amazing you’re doing that!! ❤

        I am actually just starting to look into doing some freelance work. I'd love to do a little writing each week and actually get paid for it, haha! We'll see what happens. 🙂

        And my favorite hockey teams are the Capitals and the Bruins! I have become a Boston sports fan since meeting Robert, haha. It was fairly easy for him to convert me since I'm not a huge sports fan. 😛

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      9. Thanks girl, you too! I hope to see more of your blog posts soon. Things have been a little hectic here so I haven’t been good at keeping up with my reading, but I’ll go check out your page now to see if I missed anything. 🙂 Have a wonderful week! ❤

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      10. Hey Krista. Things have been hectic did me too. I haven’t kept up well with writing this past week. Have to work on that. I’ll look at your page as well. Take care 🙂

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  1. I’m kind of like you in my knowledge of American Football – but then I’m from the other side of the world, where “football” has a round ball, and the players don’t wear body armor. Anyway – I think the oddest thing I discovered about American Football is that the players are allowed to pass backwards while running – like in Rugby – but they very rarely do – which is nuts to me, because if they did it properly, they would annihilate the other team.

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    1. Hahaha, hey, that’s soccer!! Though it actually makes a lot more sense the way y’all named it.

      And yeah, I actually just learned that you’re allowed to pass backward! I never realized they weren’t allowed to pass forward until like, last year, haha. Then I went for a time thinking you couldn’t pass at all after the first guy gets the ball, now I think I’m on the right page. It’s so crazy how many rules there are and how EVERYONE KNOWS THEM. I’m having fun learning though!


      1. I switched to a different blogging platform that uses Disqus for comments – when you click in the name box to comment, there’s a checkbox at the bottom to comment as a guest (you can also sign up for disqus for free though).

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