GoT Season 8 Episode 2

Spoiler alert! I guess I’ll write this on every single post, just in case someone doesn’t see the headline is about Game of Thrones. 

Okay so this episode was alright. I was a little underwhelmed last week, and this week I’m left feeling just a little anxious. Like, we all knew the episode would end with getting teased with the white walkers, but still… Not happy that I have to wait another week to make more progress. HOW DID YOU GUYS DO IT FOR SEVEN SEASONS?! That is a kind of patience I’m glad I didn’t have to learn. Anyway, I didn’t like that this felt like another “let’s set up all of our storylines” episode, rather than just getting into it. We don’t have that many episodes left, and I want them to be as action-packed as possible!

Everything with Bran and Jaimie went as I expected and I’m not surprised with how things went down with JS and D. I took a poll on my Instagram last week and we all agreed that Jon would believe Sam when he found out about being D’s nephew, but it didn’t cross my mind that D might not believe J. Now that she’s questioned him a little about it, I wonder if she’ll begin to question the legitimacy of Jon’s claim to the throne. I don’t think JS really cares to be king, but D is going to feel threatened and there might be a big blowout because of it. D is someone who has been dead-set on being the queen because she “deserves it” and it’s her “right.” I wonder what she’ll think now that technically Jon is the rightful heir? Her justification the past few seasons has morphed away from wanting to make the world a better place, and gone to the logic of “it’s rightfully mine, so I should have it,” so it’s a little harder working her character into taking the throne and keeping it now that there’s a different rightful heir.

Here are some of my new predictions for the finale:

I am still so rooting for Sansa to be queen. I think it will be her or Jon, and I think that Arya will marry Gendry Baratheon and she will end up being the Lady of Winterfell. I do not think Cersei or Daenerys will be queen by the end of the season. For some reason just last week I thought D had more of a chance than J, but I’m changing my mind on this one. I have a feeling Daenerys is going to die. Jaimie will somehow save Bran in some sort of way, and will probably end up losing his own life to protect him. Brienne will find love! Oh my gosh, I am just obsessed with her. I can’t decide now whether I’d have her end up with the wildling who thinks she hung the moon, or Jaimie because they have just the cutest dynamic (sadly I don’t think either of them see each other that way), but I am happy if Brienne is happy. Speaking of which, can we just talk about the knighting ceremony?! I almost cried; she is just so pure and perfect. Brienne is what a knight should be and so much more. She is too good for the GoT world.

Photo Credit: HBO

I have an idea of how the entire series is going to end. I do think they’ll fight together to beat the white walkers. I think they’ll actually pull through and win. I think, though, after that’s all over with, that they’ll all go back to fighting for the insignificant title you get with the iron throne. Instead of going their separate ways and having several peaceful nations, they’ll continue fighting for the rest of their lives for things that don’t matter in reality, like who is the ruler of all the nations. I don’t think everyone will have learned their lessons by the end of it all, and I think it will be George R. R. Martin’s way of reminding us that humans can do amazing things if we work together, but greed often gets in the way and completely clouds our lives. Apparently, though, the end of the season is so wild none of the cast members guessed it, and I’m pretty sure they know a whole lot more than the fans. Like, it must be kind of crazy if the million characters who are on the show didn’t get the ending right, so I definitely won’t with this simple prediction. I’m going to keep sharing my thoughts though, even when my husband tells me that some of my ideas aren’t even possible because I still don’t have a firm grasp on everything in the GoT world. I think I’ll need to watch the series another time through to really catch on to everything.

6 thoughts on “GoT Season 8 Episode 2

  1. Hello again! While it was definitely in character for Dany to care more about Jon’s potential claim to the Iron Throne than their romance, it just made me like her less. Ever since Mereen I’ve not liked her as much as when she was downtrodden and fighting as an underdog. Then again, Sansa was an underdog and I didn’t care for her because she was so disloyal as a young girl when she wanted that monster Joffrey. Now she’s just meh to me, though her reunion with Theon was touching. Another jerk though! He burned those other boys!

    Still love Arya. Loved that she and Gendry got together! I’m totally rooting for them to live and rule Westeros. But if the ending is so wild & crazy, then that probably won’t happen.

    I enjoyed the scenes with Jaime. And especially the Brienne knighting scene, the song, etc. It’s interesting that now Tyrion knows what Bran knows ~ this is probably important.

    So, Jorah has that sword now. This is likely very important. Lots of magic and mythology surround all these swords; I can’t keep their names straight though.

    I’m worried about all the people going down in the crypt with the dead bodies. But I think the NK has to actually touch them to activate them, right? RIGHT?


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    1. Oh my gosh, I feel the same way about Dany! I am not a fan of hers anymore. I actually LOVE Sansa now though! I really didn’t like her when she was with Joffrey but am glad she’s become more likable because I think she’s so badass! Theon has redeemed himself for me some because I think he really regrets his past. It’s crazy how GoT makes you forget just how terrible some of these people were though and is able to manipulate your feelings to liking them again.

      I’m obsessed with Arya too!! She’s so strong and has had amazing character development. I think she’s one of the strongest people on the show.

      I’m so curious to see what happens with Jorah now. I do think he’ll have a big role in the battle but I’m not sure how yet. If I had to make a guess I’d say he’s going to be the one to kill the white walker dragon!

      And hahaha omg the crypt is TERRIFYING. Like, who’s idea was that?! I think it was foreshadowing that the little girl wanted to protect everyone down there and that Gilly is starting to step it up a little. I think there’ll be a good fight down there.

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  2. It’s worth remembering that a room of writers took over for season 7 – and it was painfully obvious. Where the previous 6 seasons had followed the books, with long, complex story arcs that made sense, season 7 turned into a soap opera – with characters appearing at different locations with no regard to distance and time. The books and the TV series have departed further and further over the years – creating a multi-verse of sorts. It’s a shame.

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    1. Oh my gosh, wait, that’s true!! That hadn’t even crossed my mind but it makes complete sense. I felt so rushed through the seventh season that I definitely need to watch it over again but I hadn’t even really thought much of that. I wonder how the author feels about the way the show is going.


      1. In interviews he thinks its a bit sad that it’s ending so soon – he could see another four or five seasons. He did say though that the cast and crew have been working on it for 8 years now though – so it’s understandable that they want to go on to do other things too.

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      2. Yeah I’ve been reading more about him and it doesn’t look like he’s crazy happy with the way some of this has gone down. I honestly think the show was SO much better when it was more closely based off the books. Now it just feels like they don’t even know the characters well anymore.


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