GoT Season 8 Episode 3

SPOILER ALERT!!! I probably shouldn’t have to write that, but just in case you didn’t read the header I am going to talk all about last night’s episode.







to separate this alert from the spoilers. Now I’m 100% not responsible for anything you might see beyond this. You’ve been warned.

Before you ask, no I am not disappointed all of the White Walkers died last night. The post I wrote yesterday was a complete joke, and I’m pretty sure everyone who read it just thought I was an idiot. I just think most of us keep hearing the same ideas about what’s going to happen over and over again, so wanted to spice things up a little and add something new to the mix.

Anyway, am I the only one who is a little underwhelmed at this point? One of my blog friends reminded me last episode that beginning in season 7, the show passed the books, so they haven’t been going off of what George R. R. Martin wrote anymore. The problem I have with this is that he is so fantastic at character development, while the writers of GoT are not. They have had several mishaps in the final two seasons where characters go completely against what they would do in reality. Rather than gradually trying to change your mind about a person — like Martin did so beautifully with Jaimie Lannister — the show makes you do a 180 and then desperately tries to find their footing on what to do next. I find it hard to believe that Cersei would have been so quick to give some of her power to Theon’s uncle when he requested her company, and Jon Snow just seems exhausted or something because we don’t see much leadership from him, or a fire in his belly to fight for Winterfell and the rest of humanity. Don’t get me started on the way they made Dany become a heartless robot overnight.

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I envy the people who are posting on social media about how great this season has been so far. I don’t know why I can’t get there. After all, the past month I’ve been living for Game of Thrones, and so excited that I’m on the edge of my seat just about every episode. I love the cliffhangers they used to do, and how my opinions changed so drastically about people after I kept getting to know them better. The show just felt so real and authentic, despite being far away in the fantasy world. I talked about characters like I actually knew them, and was always so excited when people wanted to dig deeper about the show with me. Before the premiere, we all speculated what was going to happen, but this battle just wasn’t satisfying for me. Like, what the heck was up with their military strategy?! I need to talk with people in the field further, but it didn’t make sense to me that the dragons weren’t on the frontline to begin with. Instead, Dany and Jon waited until everyone was all mixed in together to start torching the place. It would have possibly been over with much less blood shed had they begun with the dragons going into the dark where the White Walkers were waiting.

Sansa and Tyrion wouldn’t have been hiding out in the back of the crypt when all the dead woke up down there. Did the show forget how much she’s grown? Did they forget that Tyrion has fought in battle before and is actually a really smart man of action? It wasn’t realistic to me that they were just shutting themselves away to have a moment before getting saved by Arya (Who, by the way, was the only person I noticed I was actively cheering for the entire episode). Tyrion was once one of the most beloved characters by almost every single person I talked to, regardless of their upbringing or any kind of life experience, but he isn’t even a B-list character in season 8. He’s fading into the background and hardly has a personality anymore. I miss his jokes and the lightheartedness he added to the show.

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The creators of the show have done a wonderful job making images come to life, but the writing is really leaving me wanting so much more. There are gaps in the storyline that need to be filled — some of which I think won’t be by the end of the season — and so much of the story is forced now. I don’t feel like there is as much natural flow this season, and we only have three episodes left to finish it out. All I’m saying is that I really hope the final three episodes (Hopefully in King’s Landing!) will make me feel like all the time, energy, and feelings I’ve invested in the show have been worthwhile. I want a few major cliffhangers next episode because despite hating the pit you get from wondering if your favorite character will be okay or not, that’s why we watch this show. We live for the unknown, and speculation that comes with each episode. We want to be on the edge of our seat the entire time, and I want to feel heartbroken, thrilled, and terrified all at once. This is what we deserve in our final season, and I really hope the show can deliver in the final half of the season.

10 thoughts on “GoT Season 8 Episode 3

  1. I liked the writing and thought the various characters had good lines. Tyrion did as he was commanded by his queen ~ just as when he fought at Kings Landing, that was not because he wanted to but because he was ordered to. I enjoyed how he and Sansa had their talk.

    My huge issue with last night was the lighting. It was too damn dark to see what was happening and I was watching on a friend’s huge new awesome tv. Poor choice by the director on that imo.

    I’m very interested in the last battle. We now have exhausted depleted forces to go up against Euron and the Golden Company. Bronn is coming after the Lannister Bros. What happens to Bran now and the leftover magic of the trees?

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    1. Ahh I don’t know how I missed your comment!

      The lighting was kind of crazy but the funny thing was I didn’t have any complaints about it until I saw everyone complaining about it on social media later. I can totally see why — it was so dark! I wonder why they did that?

      I cannot wait for the next battle. I think there will be a small break but do you think the dragons are going to be able to torch a lot of King’s Landing? Or do you think they will want to make sure buildings don’t burn down and the innocent survive, so they won’t really utilize the dragons like they wanted to with the White Walkers?

      We have so many questions; I can’t wait for Sunday!! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the season.

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  2. I completely agree – since Season 7 it has pretty much been a soap-opera, with characters that were developed over years pretty much discarded. Throughout the latest episode, I kept saying to my other half “Bran MUST have some sort of huge payoff for sitting there and contributing nothing for season after season” – but no. Nothing.

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    1. And I completed agree with you about Tyrion. Hell – there is a best-selling t-shirt that says “I drink, and I know things”. He was the smartest person in the room – until the room full of script-writers took over.

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    2. Yeah totally!! It’s so frustrating. And I felt the same way about Bran, but some people seem to strongly disagree with us. I felt like watching him has been a waste. 🙈


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