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The Internet is going crazy with things to do while quarantined, and now the quarantine seems to be mainly people who feel healthy but are are trying to *flatten the curve* since they could still be carriers. If you have not heard that phrase yet, please read this article on The Washington Post. It’s a really amazing illustration on why it’s important to use social distancing (another phrase that’s blown up this week) until we’ve got a handle on this. Luckily I am finding more people finally taking this seriously now that it’s really blowing up (WHY couldn’t we have done this a week ago?! You live and you learn, I guess).

In the meantime while we are being careful, being inside and away from our normal activities is incredibly difficult! I think back to when I first got sick with POTS and had to spend months finding things to do in a reclined position, and am realizing that it’s pretty ungrateful of me to be complaining about feeling pretty good and just being stuck in my house. As a former queen of television, here is a giant list I compiled of binge-worthy shows. I should note that you should just skip reading this if you’re not into reality TV, crime, or comedies.


The Office, Comedy
This is a really obvious choice. Whether you’ve seen it a million times like me (It’s the only show I always know

Parks and Recreation, Comedy
If you like The Office, you’ll probably like Parks & Rec. Give it a few episodes. It gets good!

Fuller House, Comedy
I just realized I have not seen the newest season of Fuller House! It wasn’t the best show ever, but I’ll be happy to have something lighthearted to watch. As a side note, if you have Disney+, you should watch Boy Meets World. I never saw it until a few months ago and shockingly think it’s really funny, despite thinking it was going to be a show for kids.

The Stranger, Suspense
The Stranger is such a good show. There are only 8 or 9 episodes out right now, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it a few weeks ago and 100% regret not saving it for a rainy day like this. If you like all things suspense, you’ll love this thriller.

You, Suspense
You is a little gross and super creepy, especially if you’re a girl who might be afraid of something like online dating. The main character, Joe, is

Love Is Blind, Reality TV
LIB has been super popular on all social media platforms the past several weeks. The idea behind it is simple — you go on the show to try to fall in love with someone you’ve never seen before, then end the show with a new husband or wife. A group of men all live together, and a group of women all live together. They take turns going on “dates” with each other in these little things they fondly call “pods.” A pod is basically a personal living room with a wall that divides the opposite sex’s living room from yours. You speak through the wall and learn about people’s personalities to try to fall in love with someone you’ve never seen before. It’s very interesting, has a decent amount of drama (Which I love), and is super bingeable now that they taped both the finale and reunion. No waiting around to figure out whether each couple ends up with one another!

The Circle, Reality TV
The Circle gave me Big Brother vibes, with a Love Is Blind twist to it. Basically, people are all in the same apartment building but can only chat with each other via a Facebook-type app. They have to vote to eliminate someone every couple of days, and the last (wo)man standing leaves with $100,000. Spoiler alert: your favorite person in this show is going to be Shooby.

Gilmore Girls, Drama
Gilmore Girls is kinda cheesy, but a good show to binge. I’m not going to watch it yet, because I think it will make me miss my mom, but saving it for a later date maybe!

Hart of Dixie, Drama
I watched this show a little with my parents a few years ago and first, I love Rachel Bilson, second, I liked having a lighthearted show that gave me Hallmark vibes to watch. I think this might be one of my next shows.


Psych, Comedy with a side of crime and suspense
Psych was a show on USA when I was a teenager and I haven’t seen it in years, but it is one of the funniest shows I’ve seen. I love that they mix suspense along with two of the arguably funniest characters on television. Shawn and Gus are such a great dynamic duo; you’ll fall in love with their goofy, quirky ways. Plus there are a bunch of seasons, all of which are nestled on Prime!

Law & Order, SVU, Crime
Even though it isn’t true crime, some of the episodes were created after famous cases and I think it’s interesting to see how the detectives on the show deal with figuring out crime scenes. The show is heavily criticized by law enforcement, but being a regular civilian I enjoy watching it.


The Mindy Project, Comedy
PLEASE WATCH THE MINDY PROJECT. I’m telling you; it’s hilarious. If you like The Office and are a female, you’ll love this show. I wasn’t a huge fan of Kelly on The Office, but always loved Mindy Kaling. She has the BEST sense of humor and is so lighthearted and fun.

Nathan for You, Comedy
NFY is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. I haven’t watched it in a few years now, so want to start watching it before I go to bed now. Nathan is super awkward, super goofy, and super funny. He kind of is a mix of Michael Scott and Jim Halpert, but even more extreme. Watch it if you need a good belly laugh.

Seinfeld, Comedy
Wait, Seinfeld is on Hulu?! What?! I always just watch it when it’s on cable, but it would actually be fun to scroll around and find some of my favorite episodes to rewatch. Noted.

The Bachelor, Reality TV
This season of The Bachelor was a little controversial, but overall got decent reviews from viewers I think. Peter was not the best bachelor we’ve seen, and we figure out why in the last few episodes. In my opinion it was the best season we’ve had in years.

Catfish, Reality TV
Guys, I just discovered that Hulu has 7 seasons of Catfish!!! This show is great for a little bit before taking a break to something more lighthearted. I always feel so bad for the people who get tricked online, and sometimes even for those who are pretending to be someone else. It’s fun guessing whether or not someone is real or a catfish, and some of us can even relate to being catfished on a dating app.

90 Day Fiance, Reality TV
Still haven’t watched this, but several people I trust have said I would like it, so I’m excited to see the series on Hulu. From what I understand, people meet each other and have 90 days to get married. I don’t know how or where they meet, and if they’re set up with a bunch of people or just one, but it involves love and reality TV, so I’m all for it. Will report back after binging some!

Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Reality TV
Don’t judge. There are 8 seasons of Keeping Up on Hulu right now, and this is great mindless background noise. Plus, there’s something soothing about the show that is perfect for a pre-bedtime routine.

And finally, I saved the best for last,


Big Brother Canada, Reality TV
Obsessed with Big Brother in general, and BBCan is basically the same as the US version of the show. Big Brother is the best show to start following right now because if you’re not watching the normal episodes, you are able to still watch the live feeds of the show! I will post a link to the show when I find a good way for anyone to watch it. This season is so good so far; I’m only on the 5th episode, but am eager to catch up!

For those of you who don’t know what Big Brother is, it’s a reality show where the contestants are taped 24/7 and all locked inside the same house. It’s kind of like Survivor, but indoors! The players compete for $500,000, and each week they vote someone out of the house. There are a million different strategies, and it’s a great social experiment. The interesting thing about this season is that none of the players have a clue about the pandemic that’s going on in the outside world. They’ll definitely be shocked when they get out of the house. They’re also the safest right now since nobody new goes in to the house!

That should all last you a few weeks. Add video games and board games to your itinerary and you’ll be good to go! I’ll write more about other things to do later, but let me know if you watch and like any of these shows. Stay healthy and safe. Wash your hands and don’t go out unless necessary!

14 thoughts on “Shows to Binge

  1. Great list!
    I have a feeling I’ll be putting it to use. Our state governor here is having a press conference this morning and I have a feeling he’s going to issue a shelter in place order, so it might take some time to handle this.

    I hope you are well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Let me know if you like (or don’t like hahaha) any of the shows if you end up watching! Our state has closed restaurants and limits gatherings to 10 people now. I’m staying inside completely other than walking the dog since I’m an “at risk” person haha. I hope you’re doing well and getting through this alright!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m a type 1 diabetic, so I’m considered “at risk” as well. We also have restaurants, bars, gyms, ets. closed here and limiting gatherings to less than 10 people.

        And I’ll let you know what I enjoy. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been watching Fuller House, but I haven’t seen the latest season. I tried to watch You but I couldn’t quite get into it, so I’ll have to try it another time perhaps. I have started Love is Blind and it’s such a crazy concept! I absolutely love Catfish. I’m halfway through season 7 and I’m going to miss it so much whenever I’m finished! I haven’t watched 90 Day Fiance since the first season, but it was pretty entertaining.

    Have you ever seen The Good Doctor? Oddly enough, I don’t like Grey’s Anatomy but I really liked TGD! What a thoughtful list of shows and thanks for sharing, Krista! ❦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I needa watch the new season of fuller house too! And let me know what you think about Love is Blind. I thought it was kinda slow and boring the first few episodes then really got into it haha!!

      I haven’t seen the good doctor, but I know people who have and love it. I think it’s on Hulu or something right?! I should give it a try for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Love is Blind got super intense! It’s just a strange concept to wrap my head around. I’m glad the experiment worked out with a few couples at least!

        Yeah, The Good Doctor is on Hulu! I think the season 3 final aired today. I lost track of it during the first season whenever I moved around, but it’s really good!

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      2. I know, it really is! Weirder than The Bachelor even, ha! I think Lauren and Cameron will work out long-term, but I’m kinda doubtful of the rest of the couples. Hopefully they’ll all work out, though!

        And okay cool, I’ll have to add that to my next thing to watch… After the tiger docuseries people keep posting about, of course! What the heck is up with that?!

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      3. It really is stranger than The Bachelor! I couldn’t imagine forcing people to go through with a wedding, that’s so insane!

        I don’t know what I was expecting with Tiger King, but I definitely was wrong about what it was about, haha. So much mystery and it made me worry more about people on this Earth.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I KNOW!!! The rushed weddings is what always gets me.

        I still need to watch the tiger show but I started last night and felt uncomfortable the first few minutes in hahaha! I felt bad for the tigers and the main dude seems nutty!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I can’t imagine the expense or how high the emotions are running about not knowing if the person you’re engaged to will say yes!

        Tiger King is really rough. It only goes more downhill after the first episode, which I’m sure you’ve seen a few things by now!

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