Sunday, Funday

Today is Sunday, but it feels like Saturday or Monday or Wednesday! Let’s face it — they all feel the same at this point.

Yesterday I decided I need to have a little more of a routine through all of this. I woke up at a reasonable hour today, and started my morning with some of the new assignments I have. I’m going to learn new skills in the kitchen a few times a week — two days ago I learned how to use the InstantPot, and tomorrow I’d like to learn how to make a quiche or other breakfast food involving spinach and eggs — and have a set workout routine that I must stick with. I decided to take up Pilates again, and found a good little YouTube video yesterday to begin. Something I really like about Pilates is that your workout just feels so dang good while you’re stretching. It’s composed of such tiny movements that Pilates work some muscles that you don’t even realize are there, and the next day you’re shocked with how sore some of your little muscles are.

Some things on my to do list this week are:

  • Finish cleaning out my closet, and find someone to donate all my clothing to.
  • Bake a healthy dessert that doesn’t taste healthy at all.
  • Find one new small business to support.
  • Spend 10 minutes/day refreshing my memory on some good, elementary US history.
  • Try a new food. This week I discovered that I do, in fact, like Caesar salads, despite refusing to try them for 29 years.
  • Call one friend or family member every day, just to catch up.

These are all super doable and will make some of the time spent indoors feel more productive. What are you doing to make your day feel worthwhile?

4 thoughts on “Sunday, Funday

  1. I like your to-do this for this week. Some items to make my day/week productive: weed, caulk the bathtub, weed again, set up the budget for April, do a blog post, weed again, pray really hard for our country and the world, write, edit, exercise, weed, and read.

    It looks like a lot, but broken down over 7 days it ain’t too bad.:-)

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    1. Oh my gosh, lots of weeding in your near future!! Hopefully you enjoy gardening. 🙂 Prayer is definitely the best thing that can be on our list right now. I need to more often too. That’s a really good list you have, and hopefully I’ll see some of your blog posts on it this week! 🙂


  2. Caesar salad is delicious! Haha!
    Check out Marie Kondo on Netflix- I’ve read both her books and have started her style of organization. I’m done with clothing and books and trying to work myself up for the next big steps. It’s quite therapeutic.

    Love your idea of calling someone once a day- texting is overrated- nothing beats a good phone call!

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading too. We had a speaker at our church a few weeks back -quarterback Nick Foles- his wife has POTS- I’m going to send you the book.

    Stay healthy!

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    1. Yeah I was shocked but I loved it!!

      I s seen an episode of Marie Kondo’s show and she’s AMAZING. That’s a great idea of something to watch; thanks Laura!!

      I love Nick Foles!! I’ve only read a little about his story and his wife Tori, but they are amazing. I can’t imagine going through all the beginning of the POTS stuff as newlyweds. Their relationship with each other and with God is really beautiful. 😭❤️

      I hope you’re doing well Laura!! Not sure if you have my phone number or not, but if not get it from Robert or someone! I’d love to catch up! ❤


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