Thursday, Day 36

I probably started my quarantine before you, but mainly because I was one of the people who was skeptical of whether COVID-19 was really just “not as bad as the flu.” We just didn’t have enough information to know one way or another, which was why I decided to err on the side of caution and make one last run to the grocery store for the two weeks I anticipated we would be inside.

Now it’s been a little longer than that, and I’ve had a few rough days, but am holding up better than expected. I’m mainly just being careful trying to up my fluid and salt intake so I don’t have as many POTS issues pop up.

Yesterday I went for a run because I was feeling cooped up. There weren’t any people out, as our neighborhood has been very quiet lately, and I knew I wouldn’t be going far. I ran for my newest record — 5 minutes — but I likely only went about a quarter mile. I decided to try for endurance, rather than speed, but could not push myself to go longer than one round of Kanye West’s song, Stronger. That’s always been one of my favorite songs to run to, but sadly I never thought it would be my entire workout playlist, rather than just one song out of twenty.

Anyway, I’ve decided that every single weekday I want to do at least one workout. I have been taking yoga and Pilates classes online, and am really enjoying them. Getting my blood flowing has been really good for my physical health, but it also makes me feel refreshed mentally. Staying in this much is really weird and definitely makes you feel cooped up, but I’m really thankful for the technology that’s keeping me connected right now. Online classes are definitely something I hope to continue long after all of this is done.

Nothing else interesting to write for now. Gotta get back to work, but I want to keep my countdown going on here (is it a countdown if we don’t have a number we are counting down to, but instead are just counting up?).

6 thoughts on “Thursday, Day 36

  1. I bet you went more than 1/4 mile. I’m guessing four tenths because an easy jog for five minutes will give you that. In any case, congrats on your record 5 minutes!

    Hm, I guess it’s not a countdown. Okay, a “countup.”:-)

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    1. Thanks so much! Being someone who used to run miles and miles without being tired it’s very frustrating, but progress nonetheless!

      And I guess that could be a countup then. 😂 I hope you’re having a good week Priscilla!! 💕


  2. Keep up the awesome work! 5 minutes is a great foundation, especially if it has encouraged you to keep going and furthering your pursuit to stay healthy.
    What kind of online classes have you been taking for yoga? I’m curious to start giving it a shot.

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    1. Thank you Faith!! Yes, for sure. Every step is definitely progress!

      So I just actually went to the Lululemon YouTube page and they have GREAT content. I’ve taken some beginner classes and strengthening classes too!

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