A Turning Point

Good morning, and happy Friday!

I’ve written maybe 10 posts in the past year. I think we all know it’s been such a whirlwind. COVID was a big thing that happened and turned our lives upside down, but I’ve had a lot going on, too. We did our second deployment. The pandemic hit. Cancer came into my life in 2021 — twice. Neither is me, and one is my puppy, Jax, who had surgery and is doing just fine, but I understand why people use the strongest curse word possible in conjunction with this word.

Some good things happened or are happening, though. We bought our first house together. Well, actually, we are building our forever home. It’s really freaking exciting. I learned some serious self defense last year. I’ll get more in detail with this another day. I got my COVID shot and think things are looking brighter with the pandemic. I went camping and liked it. I’ve spent some time at Trader Joe’s and discovered their gluten-free everything bagels and cinnamon crumble muffins. I get to see my family.

This is all I feel like talking about now, but I figured it was better to come on and say “hello” again before just jumping right in with some new posts. I will be chatting a lot about interior design, as that’s a big part of my life right now, and any other happy things I can think about. I want to keep this space light. On that note, here is a picture I took of Jax with a pup cup a few weeks ago. Today he turns 4, and we will be spoiling him all weekend!

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