Krista The Creeper

My detective skills have been on point since I started dating.

Like, I can usually find a lot of information on a guy with only knowing a few key things about him. For the most part this has been great because I’ve felt safe meeting up with everyone so far.

There is one particular fellow who I kind of wish I had been bad at finding.

I woke up at 5:15 the morning I was supposed to go to the beach with some friends. I was still kind of groggy, so decided to go on my phone until I was a little more alert to finish packing.

A guy I had been talking to for awhile online had finally given me his number, so naturally I clicked on it to add him to my contacts. Apple, you really dropped the ball in programming the iPhone… Instead of having an option to add his number to my contacts, my phone immediately started to call him!

I dropped the phone on my face in a panic (You know how that happens sometimes, right?), and it bounced onto the ground. I leaped to the floor to try to hang up, but before I was able to I heard a muffled, “Hello?”

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 1.12.12 PM

I waited a day to text him, but I’m sure he must have been able to put two and two together, as I have a pretty unique looking phone number. Oops.

That seems like something I can recover from still though, right?

Unfortunately we decided that we would meet up, so I began investigating. I happened upon his Facebook — I think you know where this is going — and accidentally friend requested him.

You can “undo” that, which I did quickly, but I got a text later joking me about friending him. Like, how creepy do I seem?! And guys say girls can’t be labeled as creepers… They just haven’t met me I guess.

We are still going out this weekend so I’ll write an update later if any of this comes up, but I am sure this dude must think I’m already obsessed with him or something. Yikes.

Today’s lesson: Guys must not care as much whether a girl is a creeper or not. What do y’all think; can a girl be a creep?

9 thoughts on “Krista The Creeper

  1. As a huuuuuuuge creep, myself – I think guys might find it endearing? in a weird way?? Like, they’ll take it as a compliment that you took initiative to friend request, the text/call thing is no big deal. I would just play dumb and make them think they’re crazy.
    I think if you went on your date and said, “tell me how your mother, Margaret, got into yoga?” that would be terrifying.
    Great post, I genuinely laughed out loud!


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