Happy Monday!

One of my favorite things in the world is making people happy.

My Love Language is giving people gifts, so I wanted to add that into my blog to share some with y’all. My friends and family are kind of spoiled and probably are somewhat sick of getting gifts from me, so I want to share with you!*

I don’t have a job right now (#GradSchoolProblems), but I can definitely get creative with this and give fun little things away when I come across them.

Today I want to give mix CDs of my favorite music at the moment to the first 5 people to comment what you are excited about this week. It can be something small, but I definitely think we all have something to look forward to, and would love to share your excitement!

My incredible friend Kalika made this for me… Check out her website! http://www.calligraphybykalika.com/

*I just have to add that I can’t do this for anyone outside the US, as the postage might be ridiculous.

6 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I’m going to Atlanta next week for an interview. If things work out, I might be living there for the next 3+ years!


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