September Already?

Hello friends! Ugh so as you’ve noticed I’ve been very inactive on here lately. My computer just decided it wanted to stop working completely, so I have to go take it in to hopefully get it fixed on Tuesday. 

In the meantime, I’ve felt bad about neglecting my little space of the Internet, so I’m going to go into unchartared territories and blog from my phone for a few days. My writing is different from device to device because of the way I dictate, but just hang in there with me and it’ll go back to normal soon. 

This weekend has been so busy, but fun! I’ve played a bunch of games, spent time with friends, and watched Big Brother with my family. I’m pretty exhausted, so I might even hit the hay early tonight. 

Don’t you kind of love parts about adulting? Like, in college I would’ve hated a night in, but now I honestly don’t even really enjoy going out to bars or clubs anymore. Part of that is because of my POTS flareups, but another part of me thinks I might just not enjoy that anymore anyway. It’s a part of growing up I suppose! 

Anyway, feel free to tell me what you have going on this weekend. Follow me on Instagram — @singleinthesuburbs — and keep up with me there until I can get this up and running again. 


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