The Most Dramatic Bachelor Finale Of All Time

Okay, so Chris Harrison gets a lot of flack every year for hyping The Bachelor(ette) finale by saying, “This is going to be the most dramatic ending of all time.” I didn’t roll my eyes as hard when he said that this year, though, because I decided on day 1 that I needed to change things up a little and read the Reality Steve spoiler before the season even began. I knew that Arie was going to pull a Jason Mesnick and choose one person, only to later change his mind, and I knew that Lauren would be the real final choice.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.40.03 PM.png
Becca K, left, Lauren B, right.

I didn’t know, however, that the ending would be this bad. I’ll be honest in saying that Arie has never been my favorite Bachelor. I didn’t feel like he was particularly emotional, and I felt like he wasn’t sympathetic enough to the girls when he was letting them go. I hated how he picked up roses and held them close to the contestants only to say, “You are such a fun girl, but I can’t give this rose to you today.” He didn’t seem particularly aware of the feelings around him, and I didn’t feel like many of his words were thoughtful and genuine. It just felt like he was reading off a script of things he thought were appropriate for the lead of The Bachelor to say.

Part of the fun of watching The Bachelor is seeing people have real feelings and get invested in one another. Throughout the entire season I just didn’t see it with any of the girls. Maybe, just maybe, Bekah M had a real connection with Arie, and he seemed to like Becca K enough throughout the season. I just didn’t see him connect emotionally with any of the contestants on the show.

Even though I knew that Arie would go back on his proposal and choose someone different than the finalist he proposed to, I didn’t really imagine it being a complete disaster. I figured they maybe just didn’t get along in the real world after filming ended, and that Arie would quietly end the engagement and ask his ex, Lauren, for a second chance. Needless to say, I was absolutely disgusted with the outcome of the show yesterday.

Something I don’t understand at all is how Arie could be okay with dumping Becca like that. He clearly had to talk to the producers and agree with breaking up with her in a very public manner, and trick her into going to a filming location so that she could be dumped on camera. First off, this is a terrible idea because breakups are emotional and tough enough without having an entire production crew on site. If he cared about her heart in the least he would have seen why this was a bad idea. Second, I don’t understand how he thought this was a good idea for his own image. Like, jumping at the chance to break up with your fiancée on national television doesn’t scream “Hero” to me, plus it shows that you just want to be on TV at any chance you get if you’re willing to share such a personal moment with millions of viewers. Third, how do you think Lauren is going to feel when she watches you completely blindsight one of the girls on her season, just to “have a shot” at winning her back? Sorry to be harsh, but Arie had absolutely no class when he thought about this decision and chose to hurt a girl he loved on national television. This could have easily been done in private, and I still wonder what the heck his motivation to do all of this on camera was. There wasn’t a chance that he’d come out of it looking good, and then the way he disrespected Becca and refused to leave after she asked him to several times really made him look bad.

I’m curious to see what Lauren has to say about all of this tonight, and whether or not she is dating Arie now, but I am happy to announce that Becca is a true winner of The Bachelor this season. She doesn’t have to marry someone who will only keep wanting what he can’t have and can’t make a decision if his life depended on it, and she now has the world at her fingertips to find a kind, thoughtful, and compassionate human being to spend her life with. I really do hope Arie found/finds whatever he is looking for, and I wish him the best. I would imagine the next several weeks will be really tough for him on the Internet, so hopefully he’ll be able to get past all of this and return to a normal life soon enough.

12 thoughts on “The Most Dramatic Bachelor Finale Of All Time

  1. I agree with all of these. You’re right, all season it felt like he was reading from a script. That whole deal where he’d hold the rose in front of someone and then put it back down and send them home was so cold and unnecessary. Normally in life when two people like (not even love) each other, they light up when they see each other. I never saw him really light up or change his disposition around any of them. Maybe he was too busy kissing them for me to notice. I don’t know.

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  2. I felt like he really liked Krystal in the beginning. By that I mean he was really attracted to her. Then when she got mad after that bowling game, he lost interest. I did see that he liked Lauren B. He was really curious about her. I just saw the way he looked at her. Next girl he was interested in was Bekah M like you said. Those are the only ones I saw that he liked. I read Reality Steve too before last night’s episode. I did hear that Arie had a girlfriend a couple of weeks before they announced him as the bachelor. I really think he just cant commit. His ex even said it before the show started.

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    1. Wait Arie had a girlfriend right before the show?! I don’t know how that slipped by me; that’s kinda crazy!! I also felt like he really liked Krystal and Bekah M. I didn’t see much of a connection with anyone else until really towards the end!

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      1. Yes, a couple weeks before the show. Her name is Sydney Stempfley. When I found that out, I immediately did not like him. I feel the connections he had with the girls were weird, none were genuine.

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  3. I agree with you about the public production of their breakup. I felt so bad for Becca! Sad to say, I think the driving factor had to be money. Right?! She thought they were going on a Couples Weekend in beautiful LA, and instead had her heart broken with cameras & sound booms all up in her face – Arie didn’t shed a single tear – and she couldn’t even have a moment to herself to fall apart. UGH. It was all really gross in my opinion. It’s been a little bit since this aired, and I now see Lauren & Arie are traveling the world together – *eye roll* If they’re happy – great! I don’t see how – given the way their connection was portrayed – but life has bigger mysteries, I suppose. Bottom line: public humiliation isn’t right! .xo.

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