The ER And My Heroes

Hello, blog family, I’m finally back! I had a pretty rough week. I haven’t really gotten much of a cold/flu/virus sickness since getting POTS because I am so incredibly careful with taking care of myself and not hanging out with people if they’ve been sick recently. My cardiologist has always emphasized the importance of a flu shot and taking preventative measures with POTS because being sick makes my chronic illness a lot more difficult to manage. Now I see why.

My parents took me to the emergency room just over a week ago because I kept getting sick and passing out on my way to or from the bathroom (Or the bucket next to my bed). That night was weird because I had decided to sleep at 8:30 due to extreme nausea. I had been in the car for eight hours on our way home from Boston that day, and hadn’t felt well most of the trip home. I typically get a little nauseous on car rides — particularly long ones — so dismissed it as a POTS thing and ate a few ginger chews in hopes of feeling a little better. There weren’t any signs of having any sort of bug, except for the fact that I almost fell asleep while we were driving a few times, which is really not a typical Krista move.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 9.43.00 PM.png
My Instagram story that night. Yikes!

Anyway, despite going to bed early, I woke up every hour with really bad abdominal pain and couldn’t fall back asleep for more than a few minutes at a time. Finally, around 10:30, I started getting sick. As most of you know I still live at home, so my poor mom had to come in and check on me a million times to make sure I wouldn’t faint and hit my head on the hard bathroom floor. Finally, she came in and told me to get dressed because we were going to take a trip to the emergency room.

Surprisingly I didn’t put up a fuss. I slowly walked back to my room and threw on my Nike sweatpants and “Army Girlfriend” sweatshirt. My mental state was in tact, as I debated putting on my engagement ring. I quickly decided against it, and grabbed Robert’s dog tags instead. I figured just on the off chance something was really wrong I wouldn’t want my ring to get lost during any hospital drama, and that the dog tags would be pretty easy to wear throughout any procedure.

My dad helped me to the car as I clutched a big, white plastic bucket in my lap. Luckily I didn’t need it, as I had cut myself off of food and water an hour prior. Not drinking made me feel sick, but it also left my stomach empty, which was just what I needed.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 9.16.53 PM.png


Five long hours, two IVs of saline solution, and a couple of Zofrans later, I finally began to feel better. A few different things ran through my mind as I sat on my little white hospital bed. First, it’s crazy that nurses work all hours of the day. Like, we got to the hospital at 1-something, and didn’t leave until a little after 6 in the morning. There were people running around doing their job like it was a normal hour. Second, these people put their own health at risk by being around people who are sick with a lot scarier things than just the stomach bug that I had. Even towards the beginning of my visit I tried to stay far away from the people who were caring for me because I didn’t want to spread my germs. I quickly realized they weren’t afraid of getting my virus when they poked and prodded at the EKG  electrodes I am all too familiar with. It was hilariously comforting having some normal medical procedures done when I felt like hell. I knew they weren’t going to help me feel better, but it was nice having something that made it feel like a normal trip to the doctors. Lastly, all of my nurses were kind and made me feel comfortable — at least considering the circumstances. It makes a world of difference when someone takes care of your feelings along with your symptoms. I always think back to the nurse who told me I’d have to endure my awful POTS symptoms for the rest of my life and that it wouldn’t get better, and I am so grateful that she was wrong. Hope and comfort are both such healing things, and I’m thankful for each and every person who decides to be encouraging and kind to the people they come into contact with.

Mom snapped an update for everyone when I was all taken care of and on my second IV.
One hilarious thing I noticed was that I was in such a dazed state when we left the house that I put a sock on inside-out. Oops.

I am completely better now, and am looking forward to resuming my normal life, writing schedule, and wedding planning — which I will have a million updates on in my next few posts! I am also going to keep pushing forward in my journey get healthy again. I have a few exciting diet updates I’ll be writing about on here, and I will continue to work hard at PT and the gym to keep my symptoms at bay. Here’s to the beginning of a new week!

14 thoughts on “The ER And My Heroes

  1. I’m so glad your feeling better or getting there. I hadn’t seen your posts in a while so was a bit worried. But I though you maybe needed a break or were on vacation. Keep taking care of yourself. Hugs

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      1. I’m doing pretty good all around 🙂 some tough days, but thats usual. I’m glad you have your physical therapy. I think for you, if you like them, you can wake up & have a protein shake, or add it to a smoothie. Have one of these at breakfast, and save the other half for lunch. That might really help you not get dehydrated and has that protein which are bodies often need, especially with conditions. I also ensure I keep a 1/2 cup container of pecans or walnuts or almonds, in my purse for Situations where I feel ill out of nowhere. Sometimes eating half that container or sometimes even just a few, gives my body more energy. I also drink matcha. Steeped Tea is a great place to order from and the chocolate flavour is the best. You can put it in your food or drink it with cold/hot water and it provides you with a steady flow of caffeine, not a huge hit like coffee or other drinks might. It’s basically the whole green tea leaf crumbled and powdered, so helps your metabolism and has antioxidants too. I know you were sick, but these might help you if you feel to I’ll to eat much, or don’t have energy. Just a thought and keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

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      2. Thank you so much for the tips girl!! I’m going to make a smoothie with protein right now actually. 🙂 I’ll have to look in to matcha. I don’t know what that is!

        I’m glad you’re doing well overall. I know rough days are a part of having a chronic illness, but I hope more are good than hard for you. ❤

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      3. Thanks Krista. Depends on the week as I’m sure it does for you. Matcha is green tea but more concentrated. Instead of steeping your green tea, the crush the entire leaf into a powder and you drink/eat the powder. Where I order, it comes in many flavours. Chocolate is one of the best. You get one if those protein shakers and add 1/2 tsp to water and shake it and drink. Or add it to good, recipes and otherwise depending on the flavour. Check out Steeped Tea in the US they are a natural/organic tea company. You find it at David’s Tea but they use a lot of processed sugar.
        Good luck 🙂

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      4. Wow, I’ll definitely try that! I know green tea is supposed to be super good for you. I would probably really like chocolate too, haha, I like chocolate anything! Thanks so much for the recommendation girl! 🙂

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