Colton “The Virgin Bachelor”

Sigh, this season of The Bachelor is really going to be a drag. The ironic part this time around, though, is that despite Colton being a virgin, the biggest theme is going to be sex. How much do I care about Colton’s sex life? Not. At. All. I don’t care what he does or doesn’t do, and I certainly don’t need to be hearing about it over and over again. Something that bothers me about some of the conversation around Colton is that people are relieved to find that Colton isn’t weird — he just hasn’t found the “right person” yet. Some girls went into the season wondering what was wrong with him, and about a quarter of the introductions revolved around sex.

One point I am going to drill home in this, and a few upcoming blog posts, is that sex is a verb. It’s not an adjective you use to describe someone, and its presence or lack of is not going to drastically change someone’s personality. Sex is an action. It shouldn’t be a word that is used to completely define someone. ABC clearly disagrees, though. They’ve promoted him as “the first virgin bachelor” and have been hyping this entire season around the fact that Colton has yet to sleep with a woman. In the months leading up to the show they have made an ad based off of The 40-Year-Old Virgin, sent him on interviews where he has to explain over and over again why he hasn’t had sex yet, and have been using phrases like, “what does he have to lose?” constantly referring to his v-card.  It honestly feels like The Bachelor franchise has just completely been exploiting Colton for his [lack of] sexuality. He poses in next to nothing, then is filmed showering and rubbing himself all over while the camera slowly and awkwardly pans from his face to his waist. He excitedly says that yes, he might lose his virginity to one of these girls, and that he had been ready to give it to Becca Kufrin, but his time just hasn’t come yet.

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It bothers me that Colton has been completely playing up the virgin thing with the network and is still going along with it as his primary storyline. At some point wouldn’t you get fed up with the narrative and just scream at the producers, “Yes, I am a virgin, but let’s move on from that! I also love dogs, football, The Chargers, and hiking.” There are six billion other things they could be talking about, yet every other scene involves yet another crack at Colton or Chris Harrison asking if he feels like “less of a man” for being a virgin. Like, what the hell?! Imagine if he asked one of the bachelorettes that. We would all be up in arms saying that her sex life does not define her worth as a human being. Rude, Harrison.

I’m predicting that this is going to be one of the lowest-rated seasons of The Bachelor. I really really hope I’m wrong, because I don’t want to be wasting every Monday night for the next 13 weeks, but unless they can find another topic to discuss, they’ve lost me entirely. I already can’t take it anymore and we’ve only had one episode. If this season goes as I think it will, ABC will need to reevaluate how they choose a lead next season if they want to gain a larger fanbase. Instead of choosing someone based on one thing, they will need to find people who are dynamic and have depth, then bring that out on camera. We love watching people with big personalities find love, and I’m not really for this whole cheering for a man to lose his virginity narrative. It feels incredibly creepy, invasive, and frankly, just downright boring. Here’s to hopefully learning more about Colton’s personality next week, and in the meantime enjoying some of the drama that is bound to ensue with twenty women living in the same house, dating the same guy.

15 thoughts on “Colton “The Virgin Bachelor”

  1. The fact ABC is basically exploiting his virginity is kind of weird in my opinion too. Personally I think that should be private information, but whatever.. I overhead my co-workers raving about it and how excited they were yesterday. This morning, they came in both unimpressed by this season. We’ll see how it turns out …

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    1. Right?!? Like, mention it once or twice, but we don’t need it drilled into our heads like this. It almost just seems rude at this point haha.

      I think a lot of my friends kind of felt the same way. We were underwhelmed by last night, but I’m hoping the girls bring some good drama and entertainment at least!

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  2. Last nights episode was 3 hours too. I don’t remember other first bachelor episodes being 3 hours. I wonder if that’s why it didn’t work work Tia, to make him the next bachelor. I don’t know. They do need concetrate on other things besides his virginity.

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    1. Right?! I didn’t either and it was so freaking boring when we had to watch other random people watching the premiere, haha!!

      That’s a good point though. I feel like Colton did want to be the bachelor, so that could’ve been part of the reason he wasn’t that into dating Tia. It’ll be so interesting to see how the rest of the season goes!

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      1. I know! I was like who are these people lol. I still don’t understand how Colton didn’t like Tia. He said he wasn’t ready for a relationship but then he gets on the bachelor. Yes it will be an interesting season.

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  3. YESSS! Thank you for writing this.
    “There are six billion other things they could be talking about, yet every other scene involves yet another crack at Colton or Chris Harrison asking if he feels like ‘less of a man’ for being a virgin.”
    Exhibit A of how our culture’s view of sex is warped and broken. No one should be defined or judged for their sex life.

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  4. I’m going to take it easy on Chris Harrison for the questions he asks Colton this season, just because a week or two ago I read an article written by someone who was granted behind the scenes access for the first night to see how the whole operation works. And it’s clear the producers are always in Harrison’s ear urging him to ask a question about his virginity and even though Harrison holds off asking it as long as he can, he eventually does. So I think the whole narrative of this season really says a lot about who’s running the show behind the scenes and how they don’t really care to treat it sensitively/avoid it all together. Kinda sad.

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    1. Oh my gosh that’s really crazy!! I actually totally believe it though; so much of the show seems forced these days and I know they can edit it any way they want to.

      You’re completely right about who’s running the behind the scenes too. The producers are super shady and in my opinion kind of creepy. I mean, you see how they make the other shows like Bachelor in Paradise!

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  5. The whole obsession with society about virginity is ridiculous, isn’t it. It’s not like some huge change comes over anybody just because they connected their body parts together. It’s a similar craziness to the censorship that goes on with “scenes of a sexual nature” – it’s just the human body – the sooner people stop making a big deal about any of it, the sooner a lot of problems will go away.

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    1. Yeah, it’s just been nuts seeing how much the producers seem to care about this storyline and it’s kinda crazy how many people are so shocked by it. I think for the most parts the fans of the show couldn’t care less, but some of the contestants really seem to! I almost thing it’s easier being a girl in that situation, as they aren’t as judged for it.


  6. Hasn’t this been done before? Was it a bachelorette? I just feel like we’ve been there and done this and it was just as annoying then. Not that I’m watching this. I gave up after the guy from Iowa turned out to be such a jerk. (sorry, I can’t remember his name now.)

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    1. Hmm!! There have definitely been contestants like this before and I know of a few girls who were in the franchise and that was part of their storyline. But oh my gosh I just googled bachelor from Iowa and do you mean Chris Soules? I did not like him very much either haha!


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