Game of Thrones Finale

I’m not even really going to write about the finale because it’s been awhile and this season hasn’t had me wanting to talk about GoT the way most others did before. In short, it was OK. I didn’t mind that Bran ended up becoming the king because it’s an unexpected twist, rather than something obvious that everyone was expecting. I still felt like the characters aren’t themselves anymore, though. Tyrian wasn’t very funny, and why was everyone just immediately fine with Bran being the king? There could have at least been a little bit of back and forth. I would think with that many powerful people there would be some sort of debate, other than the uncle who got shut down by Sansa. Then what was up with Arya deciding to explore all of a sudden? She is an assassin, not an explorer. Even if she does start to see what’s west of Westeros, what will she do there? I guess if there are people and other civilizations that’s cool, but if not I don’t see her being someone to build an entire city. As I keep saying, I don’t think the writers on the show really know the characters the way they should.

I’ll be curious to read the last few books. I wasn’t planning on reading the series, but I think it would give me a different level of closure than the final season of Thrones. I’m too bored and unmotivated to keep writing about the finale now, so I’m going to end this post here. I’d give it a 6/10 because it wasn’t the worst thing or anything, but I just wasn’t on the edge of my seat the way I was most of the other seasons. What did you all think about it?

Now that I’m done with GoT, I think I might add a different television series into my blogging. Somehow I got away with never watching Friends, so I think I might start from the first episode and do that series next. I’ve only seen a few episodes before and thought they seemed funny, so we’ll see how the entire series goes. In the meantime, I’d love to hear any final thoughts on Thrones you have! It’s weird to be all done with it, but I’m ready to move on.

4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Finale

  1. I’ve closed the book on Game of Thrones too – but will try and make it to the books in order to find out what really happens next. There are SO many TV shows I’ve not seen yet. I loved “The OA” – not sure if you’ve seen that yet. “Mr Robot” was amazing too. As far as I am aware, both shows are ongoing.

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    1. Yeah I can’t wait for the books to come out now. I haven’t heard of either of those shows, though. Are they on HBO or elsewhere? I am just starting “Friends” because I somehow never saw that series, and I’ve also started watching “Law and Order SVU” and like that, too!


  2. The last season of GOT was very lackluster. The books are worth visiting cause it’ll give you more insight into the world and the characters. I read the first four. Still need to get around to reading the 5th but the books are VERY long.

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    1. Yeah I agree completely!! Ahh that is so good to know though. I keep thinking reading the books must have been rewarding because you know more about the characters. I’ll letcha know if I start them for sure!


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