Friends Season One, Episode One

Now that Game of Thrones is over, I decided to start a new series that I’m also incredibly behind the curve for — Friends. 

I somehow never really cared to watch it growing up, but I’ve seen a few episodes here or there recently and was surprised at how funny I thought it was. Particularly, the episode where Ross/Joey gets a spray tan (They both have dark hair and it’s hard to tell them apart rn). I cried I was laughing so hard! I hope there are plenty of other hilarious moments like this, because honestly it was one of the best episodes of anything on TV.

Ross! It was Ross. Okay, I also automatically hate Ross because I know all about “the break.” Maybe I’ll change my opinion once I start the series and I’m going to try to have an open mind, but ew. He’s so needy and skeezy. Like, if I was with a guy and we took a break, I would not want him back if 1) He literally could not be alone for a day without going out and desperately trying to find someone to help ease his pain. Life is hard enough as it is; you want a significant other who can handle pain without needing to lean on a woman at all times. 2) He was a bad enough communicator to not get any facts straight from the source, and just make a hasty assumption that led to even hastier actions. And 3) He didn’t realize my worth and that he should fight for me before giving up on the relationship. I don’t want a guy who doesn’t think our relationship is worth fighting for and doing everything in his power to make things work. I’d also be grossed out that he immediately lost interest in me and went off to find some sort of comfort in someone else. That 100% is not true love. If Ross wanted any sort of future with Rachel and really cared about her, he would be thinking of ways to make things work and be too upset to think about getting with another girl, or even want to. Getting over a broken heart takes time, so he didn’t really value their relationship very much. He should have at the very least had the self control to stay in his apartment, binge eat a container of Ben & Jerry’s and watch Arnold Schwarzenegger movies or whatever it is guys do when they’re having girl troubles.

Anyway, so if I have an irrational or seemingly unjustified hatred of Ross right off the bat, that’s why. Maybe Rachel is a big jerk too, I don’t know, but if she is I’ll go ahead and not like her later! I don’t have enough information yet. I also remember an episode where Phoebe sings about a Smelly Cat, and another where the brunette girl (Courtney Cox’s character) gets married to someone or engaged or something. She’s in London I think, and I don’t think it’s to Chandler, but maybe it is? I know they end up together, but I can’t remember if she was married once before or not. I know her brother, Ross, gets married like, six million times (Seriously, what is his problem?! Okay, I digress. I’m so sorry for all you Ross fans, I’ll try to get better).

I’ll go ahead and start the episode now, and come back tomorrow to see what I think of it! I don’t know if I’m going to do season reviews or what, but I might just live “tweet” my thoughts on episode 1 and go from there.

10 thoughts on “Friends Season One, Episode One

  1. I love friends. Hope you enjoy, it’s one of the funnest sitcoms. So many memorable episodes, and Phoebe I think is sometimes the funnest or chandler and Monica. Ross can be a dork, and Rachel is spoiled to begin w/ but it’s interesting to see how they change from the shows beginning. Hope you and enjoy. I didn’t read your games of thrones pieces b/c I’m going to watch it soon. You can watch it on crave here for the first 4 seasons at least. So, I wanted to go from show one.
    Take care and hope you are well. It hasn’t been my best spring, but it’s improving. Glad you’ve been able to keep entertained.

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    1. Thanks so much! Ahhh, I am so excited to get started because I’ve seen a few really funny episodes and know people are OBSESSED with the show.

      I love shows with good character development, so I’m glad to know they are dynamic and change over time.

      I’m so excited for you to watch GoT!! Please send me all your thoughts on it. I wish I could go back and rewatch again, haha! I was so surprised at how much I liked it. Just get through the first season or two and then it really gets good (And they don’t try to use shock value as much to bring you in after the first 2 seasons, haha).

      I hope you keep improving and get better and better. I’ll say a prayer for ya, girl! ❤


  2. I read an interesting article some time ago – putting forward the hypothesis that Ross Geller was a monster – and it was pretty damn persuasive. I won’t find it and share it, because it obviously listed lots of plot details from the seasons of the show. Your instincts are right though.

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    1. Oh my gosh I am so curious!!! Can you tell me what website it was on? I’d like to remember to save it and read it later because I honestly cannot stand Ross so far, hahaha.


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