My Proposal To The Bachelor Franchise

There is plenty of footage from The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise that we never see. We all know there’s a lot of editing done so that the producers can make people look however they want to add to the drama each season. My guess is, though, with a house filled with people all trying to date the same person, there is probably enough drama that you don’t really have to do that much to curate it. If the casting directors step up their game and really choose people wisely, problems will ensue, drama will happen, and the audience will eat. it. up.

Did you know football is on Friday, literally all day on Sunday, and Monday nights? That’s just the NFL. College football is probably on every day of the week, so you’re pretty much screwed if your significant other cares about all the sports. There’s also baseball, which feels like it’s on every day except Christmas, and the NBA preseason games start in the beginning of October. Like, what is the difference between preseason and the regular season? They’re all 2+ hour games that you want a specific team you’re rooting for to win, whether or not it counts. Hockey starts sometime in the next few months, and again, baseball is on basically year-round, so there is always something taking up space on the television at home.


Something I think is VERY problematic, is the timing of the bachelor franchise. Football started this week and on Tuesday Bachelor in Paradise ENDS. Like, who even comes up with this?! WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER, BIP. I was looking forward to having my own game nights where all my friends come over for pizza and baked goods to cheer on the Nicoles and Clays of the season, and wonder what the heck Caelynn is going to do with Dean coming back when she’s already begun a new relationship with Connor.

Honestly, life isn’t fair in a lot of ways, but this is something human beings can change. We can fight to get ABC to play more of the trashy TV we have grown to love and leave other networks to host sports. I tried to create a petition that people could sign. to get The Bachelor on our television screens on football nights, but I guess only really accepts petitions for things that really matter.

change org.png

I’m sorry, but I need this every night football is on. I want someone to cheer for, and people to root against when they’re sleeping with a handful of the franchise girls at Stagecoach. I want to find out if Hayley and JPJ are meant for each other and can somehow make things work, despite all this inner conflict about falling for Tayshia first.

If Fleiss and friends are scared of the competition of sports, I say, bring it. The franchise has a big enough following that dedicated fans like me will turn on ABC instead of ESPN, and even if they lose a few people along the way, at least the diehard fans are happy, right? We’re the ones who will keep the show going, even through the Arie Luyendyk and Jake Pavelka’s of it all. We stick around during the boring seasons so that we know everyone going into the next show and can root for our next bachelor or bachelorette to find love.

Please consider my plea. I seriously need some sort of break from watching men hurl an oval ball back and forth, and would appreciate all the drama I know you can create for me. Take a page out of the Big Brother handbook, and have live feeds for us. If nothing else, at least put The Bachelor on a few nights a week whenever there are big sporting events. PUT MY ENTERTAINMENT ON MORE OFTEN! It only seems fair to add an emotional competition to all the physical ones we have on television every night, right? Will you accept this proposal, ABC?


16 thoughts on “My Proposal To The Bachelor Franchise

    1. Hahaha thanks Kristen!! If ONLY we could get them to do it. I just realized today is Thursday, which means football is on. I might need to start Keeping Up with The Kardashians again. 😛


  1. Hi, so happy to find another Bach Nation fan! Although, I do admit it’s sometimes cringey to watch, but I do enjoy it. I only have one friend that I talk about the season each time it’s on. What’d you think of how Paradise went?

    I would definitely sign the petition if that were one! The show can just shed some human aspects that we’ve neglected of having sometimes. It’s refreshing sometimes. Plus, that’s the only drama I have in my life really, so I need to be on the watch, haha. Lovely post, and let’s make a change!

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    1. TOTALLY!!! It’s so entertaining haha. So I liked this season the best so far because I live for the drama and it was jam packed this year. I don’t really think any of the couples will actually last though… what do you think?!

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      1. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry that I didn’t see this until now! It was only about a month ago when I figured out how to turn on my notifications whenever someone replied back to me, so I’m late to the party on replying to people.

        Anyways, I really liked last summer’s season of Paradise! I think that Hannah and Dylan will last, especially since they are going strong still. I’m sad to see that Kendall and Joe have called it quits after a year and a half of dating or so. I was rooting for them the most out of Bachelor Nation.

        I think Peter’s season was a a huge disaster and I’m so shocked with how the finale went! It was definitely one packed with allll the drama, and a bit producer-driven to stir the pot around.

        I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Krista! Sorry again it took me forever to see this comment! ♥

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      2. I totally get it because I do the same thing and actually didn’t know you COULD turn on notifications lmao!

        I agree with your thoughts on Hannah and Dylan too. I wouldn’t have thought so a few months ago, but now that they’ve been together awhile I think they’re going to stick. My favorite couple might now be Kaityln and Jason, just because I feel like they’re a pretty good fit for each other.

        I was so shocked at Peter’s finale!! It was honestly kind of a crazy season. He was so freaking indecisive, which made for a lot of craziness. Barb was such a nut too! I am curious to see what happens with him from here.

        Stay healthy and have a good week! I had to check the date because of all the craziness, the weekends and week days are meshing together.

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      3. It took me downloading the WP app on my phone to realize that my notifications were turned off to get an alert whenever people reply to me from their posts for some reason.

        I do like K&J together but I was super surprised by her split from Shawn at first. Hopefully Peter will eventually move out or put his foot down if he finds someone he really loves, even if Barb doesn’t like her!

        I hope you’re staying healthy and safe as well. It’s so crazy with everything going on! This whole year is blurring together it seems. 🙂

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      4. I heard he was maybe moving out like this week or something?! He definitely needs to before getting into something serious again haha!

        I know, this year is definitely nuts. Plus no more Bachelor franchise shows for now, so we’ll have to find substitutes. 🙈

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      5. Interesting, I’ll have to look into that and see if he is really moving out! I’m not sure how well that’ll work with the virus going on, but it’s long overdue! I’m wondering how Listen to Your Heart will be and if it’s any good. I’ll probably watch and find out.

        Hope you are having a great week, Krista! ♥

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      6. Oh my gosh, hahaha when does that start!? I didn’t like the idea of it (I felt like everyone on there would be extra thirstmonsters!) but now that The Bachelorette is postponed I’ll need something else to watch. You’ll have to let me know what you think after the first episode!


      7. From what I’m seeing, it’ll premiere April 13th! I cracked up at reading thirstmonsters, haha, but you couldn’t be more right at this point. It’s interesting how they’re keeping the franchise up with all these spin-offs and new series. Let’s hope the contestants have talent or people will be ruthless about them, especially with some extra time on our hands, but I love the memes! I will definitely have some opinions after watching the first episode, no doubt!

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      8. Ahhhh thank goodness!! I’ll need a new show by then. I really wish there would be more reality tv but I get why they can’t right now haha.

        What’s your favorite spinoff of the bachelor? Mine is definitely paradise lmao!

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      9. Haha, I still haven’t watched The Circle, so I suppose I could start that to curb my reality Tv needs! I forgot to watch that one.

        Paradise is definitely my favorite, but I did like the Winter Games. I wish there would’ve been another season for me to decide how much I liked it because I don’t remember much about it anymore! 😂

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      10. Yeah it’s seriously so good!! Let me know if you watch it what you think. I got into it pretty fast and hope they do another one soon since Big Brother isn’t on now.

        I agree about winter games too! We need more bachelor stuff 😝

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