TG It’s The Weekend

Man, I have a bad headache. I think it’s from my neck pain. Typically when it gets bad enough it goes straight up my vertebrae to the top of my head. Ugh!

I’m currently really in the mood to write, but not really equipped to sit at my computer that long right now. I also can’t think straight because of the aforementioned headache. I figured I’d tell y’all what I’ve been working on lately, though. I’ve been doing some more deep writing lately. I’m going to be posting about anxiety, social media, and how problematic I think Hollywood has become. Please hold me accountable to this. None of it is very fun to share, but I think it’s all important and there is a reason I’ve felt pushed to write about it.

I’m also working on creating a weekly email you guys can subscribe to — so I don’t have to do random little updates like this on here anymore. I am undecided between MailChimp and Constant Contact. Any thoughts on either?

Finally, I have a few recipes and shopping trips that are begging to be posted. Sadly, my local Trader Joe’s hasn’t gone crazy with pumpkin stuff this year and I’m just not feeling most of it. I got Jax some pumpkin biscuits the other day, but I haven’t gone crazy yet. There’s still plenty of time for that though, right?

8 thoughts on “TG It’s The Weekend

  1. I look forward to seeing the posts that are about social media ( which in my view can be a cause of anxiety!) and Hollywood. Social media can cause real damage. In the horse sport of dressage there are certain people with websites that do nothing but tear top professional riders to pieces! It is awful and so unnecessary. I started a Facebook business page not because I have a business but because if someone made an excessively negative comment on post about a professional rider I could delete it and ban that person.

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    1. Yes social media can totally cause anxiety! I try to limit it some just because I think it can be a huge time-waster and doesn’t typically add a lot of value to your life. Instagram feels like a happier social media site to me in general though.

      But oh my gosh, I can’t believe there are people who do that! People who love animals so much should definitely know better too, haha. I typically think animal people usually have big hearts, but it’s totally not always the case. That’s so smart of you though, but I hope you never have to see any of that again! That’s such BS. 😦

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