Quarantine Day, Like, 14?

I’m not really sure what day we’re on now of this quarantine, but I started a few days ahead of many of my peers. I did my big apocalyptic shopping trip (read: a generous week’s worth of food) a couple of days before grocery stores began buzzing, and bought one multi-pack of Lysol wipes from Costco. I was actually excited to do a blog post on a big Trader Joe’s shopping trip a few weeks before, but looking at those pictures just makes me sad now. I love TJ’s dearly, but my only complaint is a lack of delivery service during these quarantimes.

Here’s one weird pro to all of this, though: I learned how to spell “quarantine.” There are two “a’s,” and one “e.” I don’t know why I kept spelling it with 2 “e’s,” but I did. I hate seeing spelling mistakes in articles, but have been surprised at all of the errors that I keep seeing in things I am reading on very reputable news sites. I guess all of this staying inside is getting to everyone! I’ve felt fairly prepared for it, though.

I’m enjoying cooking a lot right now. Granted, I don’t always have all of the ingredients necessary for a recipe, but it hasn’t resorted to a Chopped situation yet, but the boredom might create this for me. In fact, I’ll gather some ingredients later and take a poll on my Instagram to choose some items for this task. I feel like hot sauce definitely has to be one of the items. I have Rice Krispies, marshmallows, sesame oil, and lots of chocolate. I’ll have to brainstorm to see what weird items people can pair together for me.

Other than yesterday, my anxiety has been shockingly kept at bay. Sure, I’d like to go out, but I’m also lucky enough to have a lot of blessings at home, so I am trying to keep that perspective as long as I possibly can. I know there are people who are sick and in hospitals, and there are nurses and doctors who are being overworked and underappreciated. For all of these people, I am trying to be thankful.

Anyway, I have some work I need to do, but am hoping to write more for fun this weekend. Stay healthy and safe. ❤

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